Penampang stadium should have an exercise station
Published on: Sunday, May 01, 2022
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The static exercise equipment at Tun Fuad Jogging Park.
I REFER to your report “New Exercise Station For Elderly At Tun Fuad Park” (DE April 28, 2022) in which  City Hall said it is  looking into having additional exercise stations at the Tun Fuad Stephens jogging park Park in Luyang upon noticing that many elderly find the static equipment there useful.

What I was surprised was that the management of the Penampang Sports Complex when contacted about having similar amenities there, the response was that 

Penampang folks would have to write in first.

The two responses were stark contrasts about how ratepayers should be treated. 

City Hall was proactive and didn’t have to wait to go to the ground to see what the people needed. They did not wait to be asked.

 Hats off to the Mayor.

In the case of the Penampang Council, the officials would rather sit comfortably in their aircond offices and wait for people to write in officially first.

These facilities are very popular in places where the public go hiking or jogging. They are unlike mechanical equipment that need to be serviced. Only little maintenance like a fresh coat of paint when needed.

Pix show the many open spaces at the Penampang Sports Stadium where these equipment could be installed for the benefit of all.

I know many people in Penampang who go to Tun Fuad Park and Ujana Tropika just to use the static exercise equipment.

They would not do so if these were available at the Penampang Sports Complex grounds which has more than ample space in the complex grounds to place them.

Besides, they can be placed in various green lungs around the complex.

I’m sure the Council officials are aware that the stadium is very popular between 5am and 7am and again in the evenings after work as it is the only place where we can go to in order to keep fit.

In fact, unlike Kota Kinabalu which has four places to stay fit – Likas sports stadium, Ujana Rimba Tropika, Tun Fuad Park and Tg Aru Perdana – Penampang has none, except a small tarred stretch running beside the stadium fence. We are grateful to the Council for providing this.

Ideally, there should be a park in the vicinity of Donggonggon similar to Tun Fuad or Tg Aru Perdana but then we had politicians coming from the area who were not bothered to do anything about it.

We thank your paper for highlighting the need for this and hope the Council and Sports Board would do the necessary so that we Penampang folks would be fitter and healthier by doing light workouts on these after our regular jogging or walking. 

The pictures show the many places where such static equipment could be placed.

 Penampang fitness freak


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