Demo over passing of Philippine Bill ‘annexing’ Sabah
Published on: Saturday, July 16, 2022
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Mustapha said shortly after the demo that the spirit of the Malaysian people in Sabah will sustain “until our security is assured against Philippine imperialism.” 

1968: More than 10,000 people gathered at the Sandakan town padang to demonstrate against the signing of a Bill in the Philippines annexing Sabah into Philippine territory. 

The demonstrators shouted “Merdeka Malaysia (Long Live Malaysia)” and “Mati Marcos” (Death to Marcos).” Marcos was the Philippines President then. 

Chief Minister Tun Datu Haji Mustapha said shortly after the demo that the spirit of the Malaysian people in Sabah will sustain “until our security is assured against Philippine imperialism.” 

He said the mood of the people showed they are determined to defend their freedom as Malaysians. 

“Dictators always make wrong calculations about other peoples. We only have to look into the history to know what destiny awaits such men because history repeats itself,” he said. 

Mustapha said if Marcos wanted an enlarged map of the Philippines he has the attributes of a man who likes to live in imaginative grandeur thinking that he is much bigger than he actually is. 

He also said the Government had made plans to repulse any major attack if the Philippines tried to annex Sabah by physical force. “They may try to infiltrate, commit murders and kidnap our inhabitants, especially on the East Coast but I do not believe they can do more than that because this is our land and we know how to defend it,” he said. 

Builders hit by labour shortage 

1965: Representatives of the Sabah Contractors Association met separately with Chief Minister, Social Welfare Minister in charge of labour affairs, Commissioner for Labour and Controller of Immigration. The meeting followed a visit by Chief Minister Peter Lo to the Federal capital for consultations with the Labour Ministry in easing the difficulties experienced by Sabah builders to procure suitable labour from within Malaysia. 

Lo was told by Federal officials that the required category of labour was available within the country. However, should it be inadequate to meet Sabah’s needs, Lo hoped to press Federal for an easing of recruitment to allow for engaging foreign labourers

Labuan Indian Association clubhouse opened 

1452: The Labuan Indian Association clubhouse was officially opened by Mrs JE Longfield, wife of the Acting Resident. Among those present was the Governor Sir Ralph Hone who told the Indians theirs was a great achievement. The Association was headed by Gurbux Singh.


Sandakan’s first low cost scheme 

1965: Plans have been approved to implement the first State-sponsored low cost housing scheme in Sandakan’s Berhala Darat area. According to the plan, it is understood that each unit in the proposed 300-unit scheme many cost about $5,000 - based on the $1.5m that was allocated for the scheme. 


Sabah Musical Society launched 

1966: The Sabah Musical Society was officially launched but its organiser Bastians said there was a problem finding a place for rehearsals. 

Illegal bicycle parking 

1960: Traffic policemen rounded up some 30 bicycles for parking on the five-foot way of shops in Sandakan. About II were taken in a lorry to the police station. 


Beech tree find in Kinabalu 

1961: The leader of the Royal Society Expedition to North Borneo, EJH Corner, said he received a cable from the Royal Botanic gardens Kew in London about the possible discovery of what appeared to be a beech tree in the Kinabalu area. 

Corner, who had discovered the beech seed with Dr DI Nicholson of the Forest Department at Kundasang, said it was “an example of one of the great mysteries still to be discovered in Kinabalu.” 

He said if found to be that of a new genus, it is possible that it would be an intermediate beech between those found in the northern and southern hemispheres. 

This is the first time that beech trees have been recorded in Borneo. 


Peter Mojuntin undergoes CDC training 

1960: Peter Mojuntin was selected by the Colonial Development Corporation for management training under the CDC Borneo Scholarship Fund. 

The Fund was established early in the year to provide appropriate training courses for suitably qualified new Borneo recruits and advanced technical training for Borneo staff of the CDC. 

Mojuntin, who was educated at La Salle School in Jesselton, had been a teacher at St Michael’s in Penampang for over two years. 

His comprehensive training will include attachments at estates in Malaya. 


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