Keewon’s experience with Mitsubishi Xpander
Published on: Sunday, July 24, 2022
By: Lorena Binisol
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“Imagine driving the Mitsubishi Xpander to Kundasang, it gives you the a feel-good experience and smooth ride all the way,” Keewon said.
ON her recent involvement with a project producing a short film, Hosiani Keewon, 28, was grateful that her knowledge and exposure towards culture made it easier and fun in the making of the film.

Daily Express TV's recent interview with Keewon

The short film highlighted the community living in Sabah with different cultures and belief.

It was made possible when Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia engaged her through Talent Shop Sabah to organise the making of the short film while promoting their MPV signature car, namely the Mitsubishi Xpander.

She was thankful to Mitsubishi for the opportunity to collaborate in realising the story portraying the harmonious living condition by the community in Sabah.

In the short film, there were four talents involved, namely, Keewon, Leticia Bansin, Mel Dequanne and Layla Sanjiv – all of whom are Sabahans with different ethnic backgrounds.

“It was all about living in harmony albeit the differences among us. With various ethnicity and creed, we were able to portray a good example of being Malaysians as a whole.

“I hope this short story would bring about good deeds to the people and especially the younger generation on how we could continue living by accepting others’ differences and live peacefully,” she said.

While promoting the vehicle, the aim was to impart and create awareness to the audience on the importance of preserving one’s culture.

Their excursion to Keningau district filming a short story was a joyous one as everyone enjoyed the smooth ride with the MPV. 

Keningau was chosen as it was the location for the opening of Kaamatan on May 1, 2022 after a two-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

She said their trip was very comfortable while journeying to the interior for their two-night and three-day period of project.

“It was a really fun trip and comfortable for the four of us ladies with smooth ride in the Mitsubishi Xpander which is spacious with seven-seater and many compartments.

“We brought along a lot of stuff and gadgets but it really felt like we still had so much more space for our own comfort.

“It also has safety features surrounded with mirrors on the front, sides and rear for bird’s eye view which made the driver feel confident and protected.

“It is especially so for women drivers in assisting for parking and manoeuvring. It also has compartment for shoes,” she said, giving the MPV the thumbs up.

With its user-friendly feature and modern design, Keewon believes it would be another good choice for Sabahans, especially families, when considering owning a new car.

On being an influencer, Keewon is determined to highlight the diversity that Sabah has to offer.  

For those who would like to visit Sabah, she would recommend visiting places like Kundasang.

“Imagine driving the Mitsubishi Xpander to Kundasang, it gives you the a feel-good experience and smooth ride all the way,” she said.

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