Mojuntin and Ong present Malaysia’s case in US, UN
Published on: Saturday, July 30, 2022
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Peter Mojuntin

Mojuntin explains the Malaysia situation in US 

Peter Mojuntin said from Washington DC that all is well with the Malaysian Mission to the United Nations and that the “vast majority of the UN members sympathise with us and are on our side.” 

Peter was in the US with a lady Senator from Kuala Lumpur, Datin Aisha. Both were entertained to a party there by Malaysian Ambassador to the US, Dato Ong Yoke Lin. 

Peter said he did not waste time explaining to people how Sabah felt about Malaysia and Indonesian President Sukarno’s policy of confrontation. 

Peter is alternate Representative to Singapore Culture Minister Rajaratnam, who is also a member of the Malaysian delegation to the UN. 

Ong presents Malaysia’s case in the UN 

Malaysia told the United Nations (UN) General Assembly that for Indonesian President Sukarno to say that the newly-formed Malaysian Federation is “an artificial concept imposed by an alien power” was a deliberate insult to the integrity of the Malaysian people. 

The Malaysian Chief delegate Dato Ong Yoke Lin in his long and detailed defence said Britain’s agreement (to Malaysia’s formation) was necessary to create Malaysia. 

Malaysia severed diplomatic ties with Indonesia and the Philippines after the two nations refused to recognise the Federation, which came into being the previous month. 

Ong said Malaysia was passing through a period of tribulations but would do nothing to disturb the peace and look forward with confidence to a future of peace, prosperity, harmony and happiness. 

Tunku on pacts with Sukarno Government 

Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman said any agreement made with Indonesia under President Sukarno cannot be valid until that country got rid of its communists. 

With reference to Manila reports that the Philippines Government would delay recognition of Malaysia until its demands were met, the Tunku said Malaysia has no problem with the Philippines and that the “Government of Malaysia has made clear that the question of recognition for Malaysia does not arise.” 

Penampang markets opened 

Moyog State Assemblyman Peter Mojuntin declared two new markets in the Penampang district. 

The markets costing $32,000 are at Kasigui and Donggongon.

Harris scraps posts of Resident 

Chief Minister Datuk Harris Mohd Salleh announced the abolition of the posts of Resident. 

Present Residency regions will be known as West Coast Division, Kudat Division, Sandakan Division, Tawau Division and Interior Division to maintain administrative arrangements of certain departments.

He added that effective Jan. 1, 1979, most of the powers of Resident will be transferred to the State Secretary, Secretary Hasil Bumi, and the respective Permanent Secretaries. 

Whenever necessary and in the interest of efficient administration, some power will be given to certain District Officers. 


Keningau health centre opened 

Federal Health Minister Tan Sri Sardon declared open the new $45,000 health centre situated about a mile from town. The Resident Interior Stephen Lee said there are only three doctors to serve the 80,000 people in Keningau, Tenom, Tambunan and Pensiangan. 


Mustapha sworn-in CM for second term 

Tun Mustapha bin Datu Harun was sworn in as Sabah Chief Minister for a second five-year term.

All the Sabah Alliance candidates were returned unopposed when nominations for the State Assembly election closed. 

Mustapha was the State’s first Governor but later resigned to enter politics. 


Health Minister says doctor shortage even in peninsula 

Federal Health Minister Abdul Rahman bin Haji Talib arrived in Jesselton for talks with local medical authorities on facilities and staffing. 

He said the Government will do its best to help despite the peninsula also facing a shortage of doctors that 100 doctors had to be recruited from abroad. 


North Borneo’s first walkathon 

Some 100 people assembled at the Sandakan town padang to participate in a Rotary Club 14-mile Walkathon that is believed to be North Borneo’s first.  It saw the largest number of entrants to have taken part in any race held here. The men’s category was won by one Avtar Singh and the women’s section by Miss Chin Sui Yin. 

New Tawau airport opened 

Federal Transport Minister Tan Sri Sardon Haji Jubir officially opened Tawau’s new $340,000 airport terminal. 

Works on the project began in August 1967 and was built with modern facilities. 

Tawau curfew extended 

A 48-hour curfew imposed in the Moratai-Kejang area was extended by another 48 hours because of “operational necessity.”  Kalabakan was also declared a curfew area till the llth, as well as Tiger and Moratai estates. Inhabitants of these areas were warned to stay indoors. 


Police and army chiefs visit Sabah 

1963: Inspector General of Royal Malaysian Police (IGP) Dato CH Fenner arrived in Jesselton from Brunei accompanied by Chief of General Staff of the Malaysian Army Maj.-Gen Tungku Osman and five other officers.  Fenner said it was his first visit to the State and was keen to learn something about the police set-up here.  Gen. Tungku, who was also visiting Sabah for the first time, was glad that the State was trouble-free. 

Mag predicts M’sia boycott will spell doom for Sukarno 

The Eastern Economic Review suggested in its latest edition that Indonesian President Sukarno’s economic boycott of Malaysia might result in a struggle for his succession sooner than expected. 

Describing the boycott as unnecessary, the weekly said: “The deliberate shifting of that portion of Indonesia’s trade formerly going through Malaysia to new channels is a colossal upheaval which would only be justified if the old channel had become too unreliable or inefficient or if the proposed alternative offered an improvement.” 


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