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September 04, 2021 Sabah In History
Friday, March 31, 1961 JESSELTON, Thursday – The Government will not only encourage the teaching of Chinese language in our schools but also strengthen and improve the standard of Chinese, Mr Muir, Director of Education, told the members of the Boards of Management and the teachers of three Jesselton Chinese schools last night.
August 28, 2021 Sabah In History
Nov 16th, 1938 ON the 29th August, Pangeran Shabandar of Padas Damit sent across an armed party consisting of six police, several chiefs, Patih the fratricide and followers amounting to 34 men and after capturing Pah Si Buas, his son, and Si Buanar, pulled down 7 houses, in the district of Palapawan.
August 21, 2021 Sabah In History
AUGUST 3, 1938 THEY are in a way funny people, these river folk (orang sungei) found in Kampong Kuamut (Kinabatangan). They are of whom undoubtedly the best types are to be not happy unless they have a boat or two to worry about. I remember that when I had to cross B.N.B. in December 1936, it was a difficult task to induce these fellows to leave behind their gobangs in the farthest ulu of Sungei Pinanga, in fact a reconnaissance trip was necessary in order to prove to them that the watershed towards Sungei Sepulut is actually 3,000 feet high, and to take boats thither would become rather a discomfort.
August 14, 2021 Sabah In History
MARCH 1, 1900  (From Mr Walker’s diary) INGSONG, the man who was killed while defending the office, at Mengkabong, leaves a wife and 7 children.
August 07, 2021 Sabah In History
THE first wedding at the newly erected Sacred Heart Church. Jesselton - which was solemnly opened on the 14th of August, 1938 fittingly took place on 17th August, 1938, at 7.30am when Miss Philomena Shim Ah Mann who, until lately, was on the Nursing Staff of the Civil Hospital, Jesselton, became the bride of Mr Nicholas Moo Yun Shin who belongs to the Medical Department, Beaufort and is the eldest son of Mr and Mrs Moo Thau Min of Kudat, well known to the Kudat Community - Mr Moo Thau Min is a Government Pensioner of the Railway Department.
August 07, 2021 Sabah In History
­16TH SEPT, 1938 An event of historic importance at Jesselton was the formal opening of the $14,000.00 building of the Sacred Heart Church on Sunday the 14th August. Though the finishing touches (painting etc.) are yet to be given, the spacious edifice measuring 140 ft by 42 ft with a seating accommodation for over 500 people and its surroundings presented an attractive appearance when a great concourse of our cosmopolitan population arrived before the appointed time.
July 31, 2021 Sabah In History
3RD AUGUST, 1938 Time passed and we "clocked" the sun; for no decent jungle man carries a watch, not even should he happen to be Swiss! And jungle time! But as Kipling has it, that is another story. It was almost two o'clock and time to return to camp. Only the waterfall had to be climbed first with the Piulin aneroid. The latter registered a height of 23m (80ft).
July 24, 2021 Sabah In History
2ND NOVEMBER 1938 A wild pig hunt took place at Membakut on the 4th October. The drive started from the railway line between Sungei Damit and the Bangawan river and ended up on the seashore between the Bangawan and Membakut rivers.
July 17, 2021 Sabah In History
NOVEMBER 2 1938 This industry is now centred at Tetabuan. Up to the year 1927, seed pearls were also worked at Sesip on Sugut river delta, and at Kuala Paitan. Since then seed pearl fishery at the two latter places has been abandoned, the crop having been destroyed entirely by the heavy floods of that year.
July 10, 2021 Sabah In History
By William Pryer (Reproduced on 1st Oct, 1938) Having to go up the Kinabatangan, I thought I should save time by using the Segaliud path to Sebangan; last February I crossed by this track without any difficulty, on the present occasion however, owing to recent heavy rains I was unsuccessful in getting over, but as a few notes of what I experienced during the journey may not be uninterested to your readers, I now send you copy of my diary:- 8th Sept. Left Sandakan at 8am in the growler, having in tow two canoes of Mr White’s, who was going to survey some land at the upper end of the Bay, dropped him at old Sandakan; arrived at the Buludupy Kampong at Seguliud at 2pm, borrowed a canoe from the natives and returned the Growler; which got back to Sandakan the same night.
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