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August 05, 1961 Sabah In History
NORTH BORNEO NEWS & SABAH TIMES (August 5, 1961) JESSELTON, Friday. — His Excellency the Governor formally opened the British Council Centre here yesterday evening.
July 01, 1960 Sabah In History
ANAK SABAH (July 1960) - SEPTEMBER 28th marked the 75th year since the founding, of St. Michael’s School, Sandakan.
November 17, 1955 Sabah In History
NORTH BORNEO NEWS & SABAH TIMES (November 17, 1955) - In a busy fourth floor London office in the heart of the City a hundred years of Borneo history is being relived.
July 29, 1963 Sabah In History
NORTH BORNEO NEWS & SABAH TIMES (July 29, 1963) - PENAMPANG, July 28. — The people of Penampang today celebrated the opening of the extension to their Maternity Home. The $20,000-extension was declared open by Mrs R.N. Turner, wife of the Chief Secretary (pix).
May 22, 1964 Sabah In History
SABAH TIMES (Friday, May 22, 1964) - JESSELTON, Thurs. - Mr Masanori Kaneko, the Governor of Kagawa-Ken, a province in Japan, arrived here today to take part in the official opening ceremony of the North Borneo Fishing Company Limited in Sandakan.
July 20, 1961 Sabah In History
NORTH BORNEO NEWS & SABAH TIMES (Thursday, July 20, 1961) JESSELTON, Wed. - Three North Borneo delegates to the Malaya-Borneo region of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference left this afternoon for Singapore.
September 16, 1938 Sabah In History
BNBH (16th September, 1938) TUARAN - Having been informed that no one has heard any news about Tuaran for a long time, the writer has set about gathering all facts of interest to satisfy those readers who are thirsting for information about this fine little place.
July 20, 1961 Sabah In History
NORTH BORNEO NEWS & SABAH TIMES (Thursday, July 20 1961) JESSELTON, Wednesday. - An appeal was made to the people of Jesselton by Lady Goode this evening to come forward to donate blood. She said the service was still far from adequate, and “we need many more blood donors on our register”.
June 03, 1963 Sabah In History
NBN and ST (Monday, June 3, 1963) - BEAUFORT, June 2 – I waited half a mile from Weston to watch the last train pull out at 5.35 p.m. The farewell was quiet and strainded and between sporadic fire-crackers the Hunslet dragged itself out accompanied by the Station Master, his belongings and other moveable equipment. Also in the train out was G.M.R. Lucarotti.
September 25, 1909 Sabah In History
September 25th, 1909 - Head Hunting, the popular pastime of collecting human heads, was practiced with great gusto and enthusiasm before the representatives of the Chartered Company, with great patience, introduced the more agreeable modern sports. The local up-starts soon learnt that outshining in a game of football or becoming a Victor Ludorum in one of occasional main Januaries or even beating the other Don Juans of the village in pony races was looked upon by the modern prospective brides with greater favour than their ancient prototypes ever thought of the once supposedly he-man ,standards of collecting the largest number of skulls. Coming under the stricter training at the Constabulary Depot, offsprings of the fiery Muruts and Dusuns of the interior plains, athletes like Lakai, Madan, Tawit and Tsngkas, began to assert their natural aptitude in athletics and Sgt. Tingkas, employing an excellent “ Eastern cut off “ style, became the first North Bornean to raise the local high jump record from 5ft. 61/2ins. to 5ft. 1/2ins.
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