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April 10, 2021 Sabah In History
1ST SEPTEMBER, 1938 A wedding took place on the 13th of August 1938, at the far-off town of Semporna, British North Borneo, when the eldest son of Mr and Mrs A K Abu Bakar, was married to Miss Norsiah binte Martamin.
April 10, 2021 Sabah In History
TUARAN: Our games of polo continue uninterrupted but the standard of play does not seem to have advanced at all. The task of filling the buffalo wallows in the field has proved a very lengthy one.
April 03, 2021 Sabah In History
NORTH BORNEO NEWS and SABAH TIMES (Wednesday, October 3, 1962).
April 03, 2021 Sabah In History
JUNE 1. 1938 Semporna is a very small town on the East Coast, but although she may be behind other progressive towns of the State, she is proud to be a place which everyone likes to visit.
March 27, 2021 Sabah In History
16TH NOVEMBER 1938 The French Cruiser Lamotte Picquet arrived on Sunday, the 18th September at 12.30 p.m. with Admiral Le Bigot on board. On arrival the District Officer made an official call.
March 20, 2021 Sabah In History
Japanese soldiers handing in their weapons following their surrender. – Australian War Memorial  .
March 20, 2021 Sabah In History
11 September. Rained hard last night and the oiled cloth proving itself not waterproof we had to dodge the leaky places as well as we could. Lots of mosquitoes too. Water had fallen eight or nine inches however and we started off again at 6am.
March 13, 2021 Sabah In History
NORTH BORNEO NEWS & SABAH TIMES (Wednesday, October 17, 1962) SANDAKAN, Tuesday.- Voo Pit Chong, master of a motor launch, was fined $100 last week in the Sandakan Magistrate’s Court by Mr. J. P. C. Burbrook for carrying 26 passengers on his launch, which was not a “passenger ship” within the meaning of the Merchant Shipping Ordinance No 11 of 1960.
March 13, 2021 Sabah In History
16TH NOV 1938 IT had almost become a proverb amongst the complacent residents of Sandakan that “on Charter day it never rains,” but after this year the proverb is no more. True the Water Sports were held in gloriously fine weather throughout, but such weather only made people come down to the land sports on the padang in the afternoon optimistic and unprovided for the downpour that ruined the later events.
March 06, 2021 Sabah In History
1ST JULY. 1938 IN our last issue we published details of the interchange of / telegrams which took place between Jesselton and Freetown, Sierra Leone, following the announcement that amongst the Colonial Office list of recipients of Birthday Honours there was the name of H.E. Mr D J Jardine who had been promoted to become a Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George.
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