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March 02, 1940 Sabah In History
March 2, 1940 - The death of Mr. C. Peto Bennett on the 17th January at the age of 84 breaks another link with the past.
November 26, 1938 Sabah In History
St. Andrew’s Night has long been acknowledged even by the humble Sassenach, as the greatest night of the year in Sandakan and Saturday night, the 26th November, 1938, when all the Sandakan Scots foregathered at Sandakan Club to honour Scotia’s Patron Saint, proved no exception to the rule.
March 03, 1938 Sabah In History
BRITISH NORTH BORNEO (Thursday, March 3, 1938) - An outstanding contribution to the literature concerned with the administration of colonial territories in the Far East is a work just issued by Rupert Emerson, Assistant Professor of Government at Havard University. This is entitled Malaysia A study in Direct and Indirect rule.
January 01, 1931 Sabah In History
British North Borneo Herald, 1931 - Ancient beliefs superstitions should be dealth with tenderly and with respect and not in the derisive spirit they are often apt to be, for the closer we look into the manners and customs of primitive man, the more liable are we to have our conceit taken down.


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