May 07, 2021 Travel
BEIJING: China has opened Mount Everest’s northern slope to a few dozen mountaineers who will be tested for the coronavirus and must keep their distance while ascending the world’s highest peak.
April 14, 2021 Travel
ENCANTADO: A giant new statue of Christ being constructed in southern Brazil will rise even higher than the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue that overlooks Rio de Janeiro.
March 20, 2021 Travel
THE HAGUE: What if art had a smell? While the question may raise a smile among skeptics, it’s one that the Mauritshuis museum in The Hague is taking very seriously.
February 05, 2021 Travel
Kuala Lumpur: It was two years ago when Mohd Asri Mohd Nawawi first converted his Perodua Kancil into a campercar.
January 22, 2021 Travel
PARIS: From crowing roosters to the whiff of barnyard animals, the “sensory heritage” of France’s countryside will now be protected by law from attempts to stifle the everyday aspects of rural life from newcomers looking for peace and quiet.
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