March 20, 2023 Auto
In Asean nations, only the status-seeking super rich and wealthy environmental activists can afford electric vehicles (EVs).
March 18, 2023 Auto
BERLIN: Volkswagen plans to invest in mines to bring down the cost of battery cells, meet half of its own demand and sell to third-party customers, the carmaker’s board member in charge of technology said.
March 17, 2023 Business
HAMBURG: German auto giant Volkswagen has unveiled a new budget electric vehicle, as the competition in the EV sector revs up.
March 16, 2023 Business
JAKARTA: Indonesia’s Industry Ministry is aiming to accelerate the growth of the battery-based electric vehicle (KBLBB) ecosystem in order to reduce fuel consumption.
March 16, 2023 National
Kuala Lumpur: The Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Ministry (KPDN) plans to introduce loan facilities to finance the purchase of vehicles and insurance to help the B40 group under the Payung Rahmah initiative.
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