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Daily Express Rewards - FAQ (Online Subscribers)

Can you tell me what Daily Express Rewards is all about?
Daily Express Rewards is a reward program designed especially for all our subscribers. You will get to enjoy deals such as discounts and savings from us and our partners.

How do I join Daily Express Rewards?
All you have to do is subscribe to any subscription plans here, then log-in and select your redemption listed on our website.

I have subscribed, how long do I have to wait to get Daily Express Rewards?
You should be able to redeem as soon as you have subscribed and can log-in, please check your subscription status at the dashboard or look out for our email.

How does Daily Express Rewards work?

You must log-in to the subscription website in front of our partner's staff/receptionist.
Once you have logged in, go to the rewards section on the website.
Select their respective reward/offer redeem it in front of them and show them the voucher.

  • Once you have redeemed a reward, a copy of an eVoucher will also be sent to your email for keeping and you may use it to redeem as well.
  • We will also email deals to you from time to time and it will redirect you to our subscription website.
  • You may also log in at any time to view the latest deals and offers by our partners.
  • To redeem you may also show your active account status to our partners (Some deals/offers will not accept this method) that some partners will accept if you just show your active account status.

Please note for some of the rewards or deals, you may be required to present a printed copy at the locations:
Some partners would require an email print-out, once you have redeemed we will also email the deals to you so make sure you check your email. Sometimes it could land in your spam mail folder, therefore if you don't see it in your inbox be sure to check there.

I did not receive my Daily Express Rewards email. What Should I do?
Your profile might not be updated. Kindly update your subscription profile at the dashboard.

I want to update my profile to receive Daily Express Rewards but I can't log in. What do I do?
Kindly click forget password to reset your password or contact [email protected] or call 088-386662 (Ask for Subscription Services) Mon-Fri (9.00am-5.00pm) excluding public holidays.

Do I need to sign up with every Daily Express Rewards Partner?
It depends on the deal offered by our partners. Each of our partners are from different categories and they have their own redemptions. Kindly refer to the T&C in the eVoucher/promo code on the Daily Express Rewards page as more information will be listed there.

Is there any expiry date on the eVoucher and how do I keep track?
All deals will have a redemption validity period kindly check the information displayed on the Daily Express Rewards page. The date will be stated under the eVoucher along with their T&C so be sure to utilize the eVoucher before expiry.

I have forgotten about my eVoucher/promo code and it's expired. Can I still use it?
No. Once your eVoucher/promo code has expired, our partners will not accept it anymore.

How many Daily Express Rewards eVoucher/promo code can I redeem?
Each deal/redemption offered by our partners has its own individual redemption conditions, so please read the description of each deal as well as the terms and conditions carefully.

Can I exchange the eVoucher/promo code for cash?
No. The vouchers are non-refundable or exchangeable for cash.

Can I combine my Daily Express Rewards to enjoy more discounts in a single transaction?
No. Vouchers cannot be combined and can only be used in a single transaction.

Can I share my Daily Express Rewards email to my friends?
Daily Express Rewards is designed for you as our loyal subscribers not for non-subscribers. Our deals as set by our partners (subject to terms and conditions) are limited to 1-time use so it is advisable not to share it out so that you will get to enjoy the deal. There may be deals for couples or more for family and friends which will depend on the deal set by our partners.

I am not satisfied with the deal/reward provided. Can I get a refund?
All deals and redemptions offered by our partners are non-refundable. Our company only delivers the Daily Express Rewards to you in an eVoucher format and we are not held liable or responsible for the deal/rewards or charges made between you and our partners.

If i wish to make a report on a Daily Express Rewards partner?
If your report is related to our partner's staff or services, kindly make the report to our partner directly.

However, if you want to make a report regarding our partner's dishonesty, kindly contact [email protected] or call 088-386662 Mon-Fri (9.00am-5.00pm) excluding public holidays.


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