June 23, 2022 Education
Kota Kinabalu: Yayasan Sabah Group (YSG), an organisation that emphasises educational development, is inviting applications for its higher education scholarships and loans. Yayasan Sabah Director, Dato’ Sri Haji Gulamhaidar Khan Bahadar said YSG invites qualified applicants to pursue Certificates, Diplomas and Bachelor’s Degrees for the 2022 academic session.
June 20, 2022 Education
AT last the SPM results are out. After spending almost 11 years in school, you have finally got your results. This is proof that you have completed your primary and secondary education in Malaysia. The SPM is a very important examination in your life, believe it or not! When you apply for a job, you have to produce your SPM.  When you apply for a scholarship, you need to show your SPM results. When you want to join a college/university, you need the SPM result slip. That is why they say that SPM is your passport. If you did not sit for the SPM in 2022 (for whatever reasons!) or you didn’t do very well in your SPM, it is better for you to re-sit for the SPM. You have three options.
June 14, 2022 Education
Kota Kinabalu: Maybelle Meryl Maurice (pic) from SJKC St Peter, Telipok, emerged champion in the Malaysian “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for primary school students on Saturday.
June 13, 2022 Education
IT IS a dream for many students to have a university qualification.  It is also a pride to say that you have a Bachelors degree, a Masters degree or a Ph.D. Many would aspire to have a few alphabets behind their name such as B.A, LLB, B.Sc, etc. Is it difficult to get a university degree? When you have completed your SPM or secondary education in Malaysia, you need a Pre-U (Preparation for University) to enter the university. Traditionally, students sat for the STPM before applying to the university. The STPM is considered as a very challenging examination to Pass. Many students don’t want to study after their SPM. They want to explore easier options to get a degree. Why is there a sudden change among students? .
June 09, 2022 Education
Kota Kinabalu: The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office Education Division (Teco), in collaboration with Kian Kok Middle School and the Taiwan Alumni Association of Sabah will be organising the Third Chinese Test as Foreign Language (TOCFL) on July 23.
June 09, 2022 Education
Kota Kinabalu: University College Sabah Foundation (UCSF) is offering scholarships worth RM3 million to the first 100 students in the B40 category who register for the July 2022 intake.
May 23, 2022 Education
WHENEVER students say they want to be singers, dancers, musicians or actors, we think that they are not being practical. How can they earn a steady income? How can they support themselves? We often feel something should be wrong with them. Even when students study art and craft in school we always brand them as students who are not intelligent or those who are weak in their studies. Just because they don’t choose the careers that we choose, it doesn’t mean that they are wrong. There are among us students who have natural talents and would like to explore careers in creative studies. Studying for such courses in private colleges can be expensive.  Often not many scholarships are available for creative studies. This week let us explore courses in creative studies offered by Aswara.
May 23, 2022 Education
Kota Kinabalu: Passionate about improving the well-being of youth, Celeste Chung (18) is all out to make her dream come true.
April 26, 2022 Education
Kota Kinabalu: A special RM1 million education financing has been launched to help Malaysian students to obtain higher education in Singapore.
April 25, 2022 Education
“Lina hates Mathematics. She was doing very badly in her exams. Her parents started sending her for special tuition classes just for Maths. They wanted her to get good grades in Maths. Finally when her exam results were out, she got good grades for Maths. Although she did well in Maths, that does not mean she has a passion for Maths”.
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