November 30, 2022 Food and Drink
EVERYONE must have eaten curry chicken. Imagine how good it would be to fry red curry paste with diced potatoes and chicken and serve it over rice.  But have you ever eaten fried chicken with curry sauce? Today, I’m going to make two small adjustments to the traditional recipe. First, my chicken is large in size rather than bite-sized. Second, I fry the chicken before I cook the chicken with the curry paste. In fact, I got inspired by this idea from a restaurant. This fried chicken curry is packed with flavours and the shallow frying of chicken gives a texture to the curry.
November 27, 2022 Food and Drink
Kuala Lumpur: Cooking doesn’t have to be challenging.
November 23, 2022 Food and Drink
THIS rich, velvety red velvet Bundt cake with sweet cream cheese filling swirled throughout and cream cheese frosting on top is the ideal recipe to make when you want to say, “I LOVE YOU.” The name “red velvet cake” is quite lovely. This cake is always sold on Valentine’s Day because it looks like it matches the flame-like red rips. I had this dessert for the first time on the day of my relative’s engagement.
November 11, 2022 Food and Drink
PARIS: Getting in shape and losing the extra pounds gained during the holiday season are some of the classic New Year’s resolutions people make every Jan 1.
November 02, 2022 Food and Drink
FISH that was sweet and sour was originally a cheap street food that was sold at hawker stalls in Malaysia. Chinese cuisine has a huge influence on Malaysian cuisine.
October 27, 2022 Food and Drink
PARIS: While Michelin is extending its network to include more destinations for its gastronomic guide, not everyone is looking to guidebooks to find out the dining hotspots and food gems of the moment.
October 26, 2022 Food and Drink
THESE days salted egg sauce is trendy. It can be one of the key factors driving some individuals insane. Any dessert or dish can practically become magical when salted egg yolk is added.
October 23, 2022 Food and Drink
Chicken biryani is a must-have every Deepavali.
October 19, 2022 Food and Drink
HAVE you ever had mud crabs served with a ginormous puddle of sweet-and-sour tomato sauce? Yes, that was my mother’s favourite recipe for seafood.
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Fried chicken with curry sauce
November 30, 2022