October 01, 2022 Health and Fitness
PENAMPANG: The Penampang Community College’s Student Affairs Units launched a Kavakasan Kiosk to help students deal with problems related to mental health, here, Wednesday.
September 30, 2022 National
Kuala Lumpur: The treatment cost burden of heart disease in this county is expected to continue to increase if there are no effective actions taken by stakeholders in controlling and preventing the disease, said Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah.
September 25, 2022 Health and Fitness
PARIS: David Fiant says his cystic fibrosis and the arduous therapy it required was so bad he “could no longer tell if I was living to heal myself or healing myself to live”.
September 23, 2022 Sabah
Kota Kinabalu: Malaysia’s National Health and Morbidity Survey revealed one out of five Malaysian adults are suffering from diabetes and worryingly, 50pc are unaware of their diagnosis.
September 22, 2022 Health and Fitness
PARIS: Alzheimer’s disease, a devastating neuro-degenerative condition that causes dementia, affects more than 30 million people worldwide and remains an illness for which there is no cure.
September 17, 2022 Health and Fitness
Scientists have revealed they have identified the mechanism through which air pollution triggers lung cancer in non-smokers, a discovery one expert hailed as “an important step for science and for society”.
September 11, 2022 Health and Fitness
PARIS: Maiwenn Colleaux was 14 when she first started getting migraines, and they immediately turned her life upside down.
September 08, 2022 Health and Fitness
PARIS: Nasal Covid-19 vaccines could help to bring the Covid-19 pandemic under control, the World Health Organisation said Wednesday after homegrown products were approved in India and China.
September 01, 2022 Health and Fitness
PARIS: The monkeypox virus may cause intense pain but the psychological scars of the illness can be just as devastating, say sufferers and those who are treating them.
August 27, 2022 Health and Fitness
SYDNEY: Long Covid has already cost the Australian economy three million working days this year, according to a government analysis seen by AFP Friday, significantly worsening the country’s acute labour shortages.
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