Artificial intelligence goes vegan
Published on: Friday, November 11, 2022
By: ETX Daily Up, FMT
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Artificial intelligence can be used to generate pro-vegan copy. (Envato Elements pic)
PARIS: Will future advertising campaigns promoting meat-free alternatives or soy milk be written by artificial intelligence?

The question is especially relevant because a New Zealand start-up has developed the very first AI tool capable of automatically generating content in support of veganism.

While the recent SIAL global food marketplace in Paris offered a glimpse of how manufacturers are planning to enrich the vegan food aisle (in line with the forecasts of the American analysis firm Grand View Research, Inc, which expects an annual growth of 10.6% by 2030), this artificial intelligence reveals a new approach to vegan marketing strategies.

Specifically, this AI could be used by companies, as well as non-profits that promote vegan products or actions in favour of animal rights.

Called VEG3, this easy-to-use platform can produce recipes, blog posts and press releases.

It has been trained on tens of thousands of pieces of content. This artificial intelligence also has the ability to respond to anti-vegan comments posted on the web.

The software even offers three categories of content so users can choose whether they want the output to be ‘Accurate & Factual,’ ‘Standard’ or ‘Creative & Obscure.’

For the moment, VEG3 is being beta tested and can be used for free for up to 3,000 words of copy a month.