How to download an archive of your Twitter history
Published on: Saturday, November 19, 2022
By: ETX Studio, Malay Mail
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It's easy to download your Twitter history at any time. — Reuters pic
SAN FRANCISCO: Whether you want to leave Twitter or simply have access to your private data, bear in mind that it's possible to easily download an archive of your data on the social network, containing the history of your tweets and all your personal information.

On the web version of Twitter, go to the More section, Settings and Support, Settings and Privacy and finally Download an archive of your data. You will then be able to obtain a ZIP file containing an archive of your account data, its activity and history. The same steps can be followed in the mobile application.

It can take up to 24 hours to receive the archive. It is, in fact, an email with a download link. Depending on how long a user has been on the platform, the corresponding ZIP file can easily be several tens or hundreds of megabytes in size. These archives contain all the tweets, links, photos and videos posted since a user joined the social network. An HTML file allows you to access these archives from any web browser and to consult your old tweets.