Smart air-con system reacts to sunlight to cool your car
Published on: Tuesday, January 24, 2023
By: ETX Daily Up, FMT
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The air conditioning system of the forthcoming Volkswagen ID.7 will adapt to ambient sunlight. © Volkswagen
PARIS: In the context of increasingly connected and intelligent cars, air conditioning systems are also getting an overhaul.

Manufacturers are now working on innovative functions, such as the ability to automatically adapt to sunlight, or even to trigger climate control as soon as the driver approaches the vehicle.

Volkswagen is at the forefront of these new technologies, which will be introduced on its upcoming electric sedan, the ID.7, due out later this year.

The first innovation is that the air conditioning can now be activated even before the driver and passengers enter the car.

As soon as the car’s key is detected nearby, the system can automatically start to heat or cool the interior of the car, depending on the outdoor conditions.

Then, at any time, it will be possible to choose between setting the system for air distribution over a large area of the car interior or with air flow directed at certain parts of the body.

In addition, this new-generation air conditioning system will directly take into account the level of sunlight.

A sensor placed near the windshield will detect the angle of the sun’s rays. This means that if one side of the car is getting more heat than the other, the air conditioning system will adapt accordingly and in real time, modifying the air flow in the different zones concerned.

The new Volkswagen ID.7, which was exhibited with camouflage bodywork at last year’s CES trade show in Las Vegas, is due to be unveiled in the spring before going on sale. The first shipments in Europe and China are expected by the end of 2023.