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A step towards achieving career of my dreams
Published on: Monday, March 13, 2023
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I have become braver and more confident in foreign environments. It is miraculous to see how much I’ve changed and grown within these three years. - Nurul Batrisya.
I AM Nurul Batrisya Binti Ruzamri from PC219.

The transitional phase from high school to university life was one of the most overwhelming yet exciting phase for me. 

I learned and experienced so many new things in my degree life that those 3 years studying Pharmaceutical Chemistry at IMU felt like it went by in just a blink of an eye.

Being the only Malay student in my cohort has pushed me to be more confident in making more friends from different races and backgrounds, I feel like that has contributed a lot to my growth. 

I have become braver and more confident in foreign environments. It is miraculous to see how much I’ve changed and grown within these three years.

Having my classes conducted online during the Movement Control Order (MCO) due to the Covid-19 pandemic was a struggle but my lecturers went above and beyond to make sure all of us could grasp all that they tried to deliver. 

Not once have I ever felt like I was being troublesome when I was asking for help or clarification. Instead, they were happy and enthusiastic whenever students asked questions after lectures.

On my last semester I had to take a compulsory MPU module called “Work-life balance”. 

My take-home from this module is, in order to give your best performance, you need to create a healthy balance between your study and personal life. 

This ensures that you allow yourself to rest and rejuvenate when it’s due. In order to achieve that balance, setting boundaries and organising are the main keys. 

Though planning and organising a schedule might sound tedious, it has helped me so much in making full use of my time in a beneficial and healthy way. 

So, analyse your to-do list and set achievable goals by implementing time-management strategies.

Currently, I am waiting to pursue my masters. 

Meanwhile, I am taking my time to just take a breather to travel and bond with friends and family. 

My ultimate goal is to wake up every day without feeling the dread of going to work so I have always been determined to identify what is my forte and what I am most passionate about. 

Being in IMU, I found that I love anything related to formulations and with further reading I know I’m most interested in cosmetology. Thus, I am planning on pursuing my masters in cosmetology.

Lastly, my advice to my juniors is to hang around a good circle of friends, they have a bigger influence on you more than you imagine. 

I’m blessed to have met such amazing classmates cum friends, who have also been a big help in helping me thrive throughout these 3 years. 

Especially throughout the MCO period when it was very easy to get distracted and swayed due to the many distractions at home, they kept me attentive, and we were always reminding each other about due dates of assignments as well as incoming class tests. I’m very thankful to have them as friends.

The pharmaceutical chemistry degree from IMU is accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), UK. 

The course is undertaken entirely at IMU and completed in three years (six semesters). 

Upon completion of the degree, graduates can enter the workforce and begin their career in pharmaceutical and other chemical industries.

The programme also offers credit transfer options to University of Dundee. 

After obtaining the IMU BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Chemistry degree, those who meet the academic criteria can also continue to pursue the Master of Pharmacy programme at the University of Sydney. 

They are given credit exemptions in the Master of Pharmacy programmes. 

The graduates of the Master of Pharmacy degrees from these universities can register as practicing pharmacists in Australia and Singapore, but not in Malaysia currently. 

The commencement of this programme is in February, May, July and September of each year. 

If you are interested to join this programme, make an online application via our website,  

If you have just completed your SPM and do not have pre-university qualification, consider enrolling in the one-year IMU Foundation in Science (FiS), the direct route for entry into any of the University’s degree programmes. 

For more information, please refer to or email: [email protected] or call IMU at 03 - 2731 7272.

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