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Start strong with accredited foundation programmes at First City University College
Published on: Monday, April 29, 2024
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Students benefit from a nurturing learning environment characterised by smaller class sizes and personalized attention from dedicated lecturers.
ESTABLISHING a strong academic groundwork through foundation programmes is important for students aiming for success at the university level.

These programmes serve as a bridge between high school and higher education, furnishing students with essential skills and knowledge crucial for their chosen degree paths.

First City University College offers three distinct Foundation programmes: Foundation in Art & Design, Foundation in Business Administration, and Foundation in Engineering, Science & Technology.

These programmes empower students to delve into their interests, strengths, and career aspirations fully before commencing their degree journey.

By doing so, they can make well-informed decisions about their future paths, avoiding potential mismatches between their academic pursuits and professional goals.

First City University College offers three distinct Foundation programmes in Art & Design, Business Administration, and Engineering, Science & Technology.

The Foundation programmes are crafted meticulously, drawing upon the excellence of British education that First City University College has been renowned for over three decades.

This tradition of excellence has been adapted to cater to local industry demands and expectations, ensuring that the programmes align with current industry needs.

Students enrolled in the Foundation programmes benefit from a nurturing learning environment characterized by smaller class sizes and personalised attention from dedicated lecturers.

This supportive atmosphere facilitates a robust academic foundation vital for future success.

High school graduates, especially SPM school leavers, will find the Foundation programmes at First City University College particularly enticing, thanks to the array of Study Awards available. Notably, the Merit Study Award offers a significant tuition fee waiver to students achieving an ‘A’ in SPM.

Moreover, the flexibility of registering with SPM trial results enhances the attractiveness of these opportunities.

Students can lock in their entitlement with their trial results at the time of registration without worrying that the entitlement will be revoked if the actual results are less favourable.

Overall, Foundation programmes serve as indispensable stepping stones toward an optimal university experience, aiding students in realising their academic and career aspirations.

With First City University College’s Foundation programmes, students can embark on their degree pursuits with confidence, assured of a seamless transition and a solid academic footing.

The May/June 2024 intake is now in progress.

For further details regarding First City University College’s industry-driven programmes and Study Awards for 2024, please contact +603 – 7735 2088 / 016- 302 8166 / 011 – 3614 8166.


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