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UPU results out, what next?
Published on: Monday, July 01, 2024
By: K Krishnan
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STUDENTS who applied to study at IPTA can now refer to UPU Online to confirm whether they have been offered places.

Whether you used your SPM or STPM results, you can still refer to UPU Online. UPU Online is only for those who intend to study at IPTA or other public universities. (Note: If you intend to study at IPTS, refer to the private colleges and universities directly.)

What is IPTA?

The government-funded educational institutions such as universities, colleges, polytechnics, etc. are called IPTA. They are set up by the government and funded by the government. The tuition fee is very low. All Malaysians are eligible to apply to IPTA. Since many students want to study at IPTA, there is stiff competition. 

For high-demand courses, the competition is even greater. To enter IPTA, you need to apply through UPU. UPU is a central clearing house for IPTA applications. 

What is IPTS?

There are also non-government colleges and universities in Malaysia. They are not owned by the government.  

They are funded by individuals, business organisations, and private political, religious, or other entities. They are run like businesses for profit. 

Students who intend to study at IPTS can apply directly. The tuition fee varies. There are IPTS that charge very high fees, and there are also some that charge moderate fees. Since the fee is higher than IPTS, it is not competitive to enter. 

Students who have good academic results can enter directly. Often, scholarships and tuition waivers are offered to attract students.

What if you don’t get a place in the IPTA?

Since it is very competitive to enter some courses at IPTA, many students are not offered places. If they are not offered the university or course of their choice, students are in a dilemma.

They have several choices:

1. Students can appeal to UPU 

    within the grace period.

2. Apply again for the next intake.

3. Study at IPTS

4. Join an ODL programme.

What if you are not offered the university of your choice?

If you are not offered the university you asked for, you have a choice. You can reject the offer or accept it. All IPTAs are government universities. 

They are all funded by the government. Some universities are new, and some are old. Old universities are well known and may be popular. New universities are less known.  

At the same time, some universities are very far from your home. It may be in Sabah or Sarawak. Remember that you are entering the next stage of your life—university level.

 You are expected to move with students of all races, religions, ethnic backgrounds, and regions. You are expected to mix with other students and learn from one another. If you are only going to stick with your own kind, you are the loser. Be open, go out, and mingle with others. 

What if you don’t get the course you asked for?

The choice is yours. If it is closely related to the course you applied for, you can still consider it. If it is completely different from what you applied for, you have the final say. If it is a new course, perhaps read about the new course. The university has introduced the course because there is a need for it in society. Do some research on your own. Do not reject a course just because you didn’t apply for it. 

Applying to IPTS

If you have no choice but to consider joining an IPTS, do some research. Browse the internet for further information. Talk to students who study at the IPTS. Visit the IPTS and view the facilities offered. Look at the tuition fee and “other fees” being charged. Is there a tuition waiver or scholarship for new students? How much money can you obtain from PTPTN? Does it cover the full tuition fees? Check with the PTPTN office to confirm the loan that you can get. Don’t wait for surprises. 

Career Tips

Do not rush into it. Find out the deadline and make a decision early. Once you have decided, go ahead and commit yourself. Do not make half-hearted decisions and regret your whole life. If you have any questions, send them to [email protected].

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