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CAD workshop for school leavers
Published on: Monday, February 17, 2020
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CAREER Awareness Day (or CAD) is a very important event in a school-leaver’s life. After spending almost 13 years in school you leave school to enter the real world. 

How prepared are you to face the world? You have spent the last 13 years shuttling to school, catching up with your tuition classes, chatting with friends and hanging around with peers. Life is pleasant because you didn’t really have to do anything for a living. 

As long as you pass your exams, your parents will spare you. The minute your grades drop the pressure  mounts  up. But now you don’t have to go to school. You are free the whole day thinking how to spend your day.

Exam results will be out only in March. You have to wait patiently. Everything depends on your results. There are many options available to you. 

For some further education is important. They want a degree. 

Sometimes the parents want them to have a degree. If you are intending to pursue a tertiary education you need to think about the right Pre-U to study. 

Some students would want to pursue a skill. 

They have heard that there are training institutes that offer  free training, free hostel, free food and to top it up they are supposed to get a monthly allowance. This is a good time to explore this route. 

Some of you may not know where to start. You really do not know which career to choose. 

There are so many careers around you such as Medicine, Law, IT, Hotel Management, Nursing, Business, etc. You can really be confused.

You want to choose a particular career, and your friends are choosing some other careers, and your parents are suggesting something else and your teachers are recommending other careers. 

People around you are all trying to help you for sure. But it can also confuse you. With so many careers around you, you really don’t know where to start. 

For some, harassment from colleges and universities is a real pain. Your name and contact numbers are with college representatives. 

Their main job is to keep calling you and encourage you to join their course. They can tempt you with scholarships, free laptop, free air ticket, free hostel, etc. To make things worse they say that the closing date for a particular course is around the corner – and you must decide and register immediately.

CAD is very important.

Schools should have a CAD for their own students. They must be guided and encouraged to plan their future. 

They should not leave everything to luck or fate.

 If the school does not have a CAD, students will be dumped into society and left to choose their own fate.  

A CAD programme is not a career day where private colleges and universities are invited to set up a booth in the school. 

The colleges dish out brochures and collect the names of students who are about to leave school. Very little help or guidance is given to students. That is not a CAD programme!

What is a CAD programme?

It is a day dedicated to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, their passion and what they prefer to avoid. 

A series of career aptitude instruments are introduced. 

Students and school-leavers take these aptitude inventories or career tests. There are inventories to know your interest. There are instruments to identify your hobbies, skills and career values. 

You also have an inventory to find out which career you like and which you don’t. 

In short, you take an inventory of yourself. The second part is to match your strength and passion to suitable careers.

Students need to explore the whole range of careers and identify or short-list the careers that they like. 

Finally they narrow down to 3 – 5 careers they like most. They need information on these careers such as what they do in these careers, is it in demand, how much they can earn, etc. 

In addition they must also know where to study for these careers. In short, a CAD programme prepares students to prepare for the future. 

 With knowledge and the correct information, students can make a better choice when choosing the right career.

Career Information 

A CAD program for students and school-leavers will be held in East Malaysia from 26 Feb – 12 March 2020.  It will be held at the following places from 9.00 am – 1.00 pm:- 

Students, School leavers, Teachers and Parents interested in attending the CAD program at a town near you, can email: [email protected] or whatapp 016-211 6100. As places are limited, you need to register early.


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