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Published on: Monday, January 14, 2019
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Many students and parents are ignorant about local skills training and courses available  in Sabah. When it comes to training , they only think of West Malaysia. Again studying in West Malaysia is not going to be cheap. Not everyone can afford the tuition fee, hostel fee and food. When you talk about money, many people give up going to West Malaysia. Are there no such skill training courses available in Sabah ?  Yes there are, but not very well publicized.  Let us look at SSTC.

The Sabah Skills & Technology Centre (SSTC) is Sabah’s very own skills development centre, and the result of close cooperation between the Sabah Government and the industry. Started in  2000, it is set-up as a non-profit society in which the government provides the funding and infrastructure whereas the industry provides the support and leadership.

SSTC aims to provide training and educational programs to enhance the skills level of State’s workforce.

GPFW Lepasan Siswazah PROGRAMMES

Let us look at some of the programmes available at SSTC. 


Duration: 3 months Training

Academic Requirement: Diploma in Engineering or related field, credit in Physics and Chemistry at SPM level.

Certification: Malaysia Institute Non-Destructive Testing (MINDT)

This program is to train trainees to conduct visual inspection and testing of welded steel sheets for use in construction of buildings, bridges and other structures. They should be able to visually detect and test welding defects measuring instruments, and monitor any repairs for defective welds. The programme consists of a “hands-on”, classes, and workshops in the code and standard of welding symbols as well as welding and visual inspection.



Duration: 3 months Training

Academic Requirement: Diploma in any field

Certification: Institute of Hospitality Management Ireland

This program is intended to equip trainees with the knowledge of project management to the creation and development of large-scale events such as festivities, conferences, functions, or conventions. It involves studies on different brands, identifying the target, draw up a draft event, planning the logistics procedure and coordinate the technical aspects of a certain events before launching the program.


Duration: 6 months Training

Academic Requirement: Diploma in any field

Interested in a career in the palm oil industry? This program will train graduates for potential employment with plantation companies as Field Managers, Assistant Managers, Lab Researchers, Mill Managers & Assistant Mill Managers as well as Field & Mill Conductors. Some of the modules included in this course are; Harvesting & Corp Evacuation, Employee Welfare, Immature Field Maintenance, Soil Science and Jungle Clearing.


Duration: 3 months Training

Academic Requirement:    Diploma in any field

Certification: Institute of Hospitality Management Ireland

This Program enables trainees to acquire broad overall knowledge, skills and competencies in retail and its associated disciplines. The covered topics are Introduction to the Retail Industry, Retail Operations, Consumer Markets and Consumer Buying Behavior, Retail & Wholesaling, Customer Relationship Management and Personal Development.


Duration: 3 months Training

Academic Requirement:    Diploma in science, which related to Safety & Health, Engineering, Mechanical or Electrical

Certification: National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH), Malaysia

In this programme, trainees with a keen interest in the Occupational Safety & Health field will learn the theoretical and practical aspects of becoming a Safety & Health Officer. After undergoing the training, trainees will sit for the Safety & Health Officer examination organized by NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health). 

The modules covered include Occupational Safety & Health Legislation, Fire Safety & Prevention, and Chemical Safety & Health.

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Duration: 4 months Training

Academic Requirement:    Diploma in any science related field

Certification: Malaysia Institute Non-Destructive Testing (MINDT)

What do NDT Inspectors do? To ensure the end product of welded metals are graded in high quality and pass the test safety features; trainees will be exposed to high end testing equipment and method of inspections. The covered topics are Appreciation NDT Techniques, Level 2 Penetrant Testing, Level 2 Ultrasonic Testing, Level 2 Radiographic Interpretation.


Duration: 15 months learning

Certification: Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia, Level 3 (Senior/Supervisor Field Conductors, RB-081-3-2012), Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran.

Trainees will learn about the palm oil plantation industry and will be prepared to work as Senior or Supervisor Field Conductors in palm oil plantation estates. Study topics include; Adhere to Safety Rules & Regulations, Conduct Muster, Maintain Standard of Fields, Ensure Discipline & Order and Prepare Payroll.


Duration: 9 months Training

Certification: City & Guilds, Level 1 (Food Preparation & Cooking, 8065-01) City & Guilds, Level 2 (Food Preparation & Cooking, 8065-02)

This program will teach trainees the basics of cooking including the utensils used, hygiene and presentation. Trainees will learn how to prepare a wide variety of western and local cuisines. Trainees who successfully complete this course will be ready for employment in restaurants and hotels as commis or cooks.

Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)

Duration: 9 months Training

Certification: American Welding Society, 6G SMAW

This course enhances trainees’ skills as metal welders. Through this course, trainees would be able to weld 6G positions. Meanwhile,6G SMAW examination is implemented and verified by authority SIRIM.


Golongan Pekerja & Future Workers (GPFW) School Leavers and Diploma Graduates trainees will undergo theoretical training at SSTC centre as well as Industrial Attachment with relevant companies. Throughout the whole program, trainees will receive monthly allowances from the Federal Government.


Golongan Pekerja & Future Workers (GPFW) – Lepasan Sekolah

-    SPM leavers, single and aged between 18 – 25 years.

-    Trainees who have participated in previous GPFW programs are not eligible to apply.

-    Preferably with family income not more than RM 4000.00.

Golongan Pekerja & Future Workers (GPFW) -Lepasan Siswazah

-    Diploma graduates, single and aged between 21 – 30 years.

-    Trainees who have participated in previous GPFW programs are not eligible to apply.

-    Preferably with family income not more than RM 10, 000.


Please obtain the form from SSTC website or office and fill up the form. Attach a copy of applicant’s birth certificate, myKad of applicant and both parents, SPM results, Certificate & Transcript of Diploma/Degree and latest salary slip of both parents or guardian(s). Only shortlisted applicants will be notified to attend an interview.


Each program will have a period of Industrial Attachment, or practical training. SSTC will match trainees with relevant companies for hands-on experience. During the attachment period, there will be regular review of the trainees’ performance.


Before deciding to apply for programs at SSTC, you are encouraged to:

1    Find out about the programs, GPFW Lepasan Siswazah or GPFW Lepasan Sekolah.

2    How to apply after you have decided which program suits you

Download the Application Form.

Fill in the form and fax to SSTC @ 088-499615.

Please attach a copy of your Birth Certificate, IC of applicant, IC of both parents, SPM results, Certificate & Transcript of Diploma/Degree and latest Salary Slip of both parents or guardian(s).

Shortlisted applicants will be notified to attend interview.

For further Information contact  :

Sabah Skills & Technology Centre,

No. 8, Jalan 1C, KKIP Selatan, Industrial Zone 1 (IZ1), 

Kota Kinabalu Industrial Park (KKIP), 

Taman Perindustrian Kota Kinabalu, 

88460 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Contact Number

Toll Free: 1800-22-SSTC (7782) Fax: 088-499615

Career Tips

People who work with students, youths and school-leavers  such as Teachers, School  Counsellors, Parents and educationists are encouraged to pass  the above information to school-leavers. They may need this information to plan their future career. 

For further information on careers write to: [email protected]


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