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Published on: Monday, April 25, 2022
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“Lina hates Mathematics. She was doing very badly in her exams. Her parents started sending her for special tuition classes just for Maths. They wanted her to get good grades in Maths. Finally when her exam results were out, she got good grades for Maths. Although she did well in Maths, that does not mean she has a passion for Maths”.

“Jo is a good student. He usually does very well in his exams.  Although he scores good marks for Physics, in actual fact he doesn’t have a passion for Physics. If you give Jo a choice, he would rather avoid choosing any careers related to physics.”

THERE are many students like Lina and Jo around us. They do well in most subjects. However, this does not mean they like all the subjects they learn in school. They have a passion for some subjects and they prefer to avoid some school subjects. 

When you want to choose a career, it is difficult to base only on the examination results. There are other things to consider too – such as passion. If you have a passion for a subject, generally you will find satisfaction working in the field. Do you know your passion?

For example, if you like Sports in school, you will find satisfaction choosing a career in sports such as being a professional player, a referee, a sports manager, sports promoter, a physical education teacher, a physiotherapist, a gym trainer or a sports journalist. 

If you explore further, you will come across other new related careers too. If you have a passion for a school subject, it shows that you have an aptitude or interest in a particular school subject.  If you choose careers in that field, you will generally find satisfaction and contentment working in the field. Let us look at some school subjects for a start.

1. If you have a passion for Languages, you can consider:


Translation Project Manager

Teacher/Blogger/Content Creator

Customer Service Representative

Sales Representative

Tour Guide

Travel Agent

Flight Steward

Restaurant Staff

Academic Researcher

Hotel Manager

Human Resources Specialists



There may be many more careers that you may not know. Start by exploring some of the above careers. They will lead to many more new careers.

2. If you have a passion for Mathematics,  you can consider:





Financial planner

Operations research analyst

Investment analyst

Systems engineer

Budget analyst

Inventory control specialist




Insurance underwriter

Cost estimator

Purchasing agent

Market researcher

Math teacher

Fraud investigator

Software tester

The above will make you start exploring further.


3. If you have a passion for Sciences,  you can consider:

Machine learning engineer



Data analyst


Software engineer

Web developer

Research scientist




Medical officer

Environmental engineer


4. If you have a passion for Arts,  you can consider:


Criminal Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist


Human Resources Manager

Public Relations Officer


Policy Analyst

Social Media Manager



Museum Curator

Information Officer




5. If you have a passion for  Art and Design,  you can consider:


Video editor


Art consultant

Fashion designer

Multimedia designer

Concept artist

Web developer

Digital designer

User interface (UI) designer

User experience (UX) designer

You may not have come across some of the above careers. Please explore and find out more. 

6. If you have a passion for Business Studies,  you can consider:

Chartered Accountancy

Investment banker

Supply chain manager


Actuarial science

Insurance underwriter


Marketing manager

Financial accountant

Tax policy analyst

Asset manager

External auditing

Public relations

Business analyst


Risk analyst


7. If you have a passion for History,  you can consider:

Public relations manager

Marketing manager


Museum technician

Underwater archaeologist


Writer and editor


Political scientist


You can choose your favourite subject in school. Use the internet to explore.

Career Tips

Learning a variety of subjects in school gives you the opportunity to learn many things around us. We may like some subjects more than the others. If you have a passion or interest for a particular subject, it is good to explore about careers related to your interest.  Make a list of your favourite subjects. Find out which careers involve your favourite subject. Once you start exploring, you will come across other new related careers. Read about them too. This is a good way to explore about your passion. Your passion for school subjects can lead to satisfactory career choices for your future. 

Career Planning Workshop 

Schools, Colleges, NGOs, Clubs, interest groups and CSR units keen to host a “Career Planning Workshop” for the benefit of students, school-leavers, members, teachers and parents can write to [email protected]

The workshop will be conducted by Daily Express columnist K. Krishnan, MA (USA). Students and school-leavers will learn about career planning and will be more confident in choosing a career according to their passion.


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