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North Korea outlaws the skinny, hipster tight trouser ban to stop ‘copying of Western trends’
Published on: Sunday, May 08, 2022
By: SYLVIA LOOI, Malay Mail
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North Korea has banned hipster-style tight trousers. ― Reuters pic
Kuala Lumpur: North Korea has banned the wearing of hipster-style tight trousers in its latest move to stop its people from copying western trends.

The Socialist Patriotic Youth League, which serves as Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un's fashion police, have been filming women in their 20s and 30s who flout the ban, The Sun reported.

Those caught are taken to the offices of the league and told to write letters of self-criticism and pledge not to repeat the fashion crime.

While the offence does not include a jail term, footage of their dressing will be used in lectures to dissuade others with offenders described as having “indecent clothes” and “impure ideology”.

Apart from tight trousers, dyed hair, mullets, Western-branded shirts and jackets have also been outlawed.

Also banned are any kind of facial piercings such as in the lips and nose.

Authorities stressed that wearing clothing and hair in the North Korean style plays an important role in establishing a socialist lifestyle and those who broke the rules are regarded as “capitalist delinquents”.

Sources said lectures started early April in the North Hamgyong Province where the people are told adhering to uniform fashion is “directly connected to the future of the motherland”.

It was previously reported that the wearing of leather trench coats had been banned in North Korea to avoid its people from emulating Kim's fashion style.