June 23, 2022 Sabah
KENINGAU: Minister of Community Development and People Well-Being (KPMKR), Datuk Ir. Shahelmey Yahya, urged local community leaders to help the Government in updating the data of the local population in their respective areas so that nobody is left out in receiving assistance.
June 23, 2022 Sabah
KENINGAU: Assistant Minister of Works, Datuk Robert Tawik wants the Ministry of Youth and Sports to channel funds to upgrade the Keningau Sports Complex including other facilities available in the complex.
June 22, 2022 Sabah
KENINGAU: Sabah Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM) is optimistic about meeting the RM250 million loan financing objective set for this year.
June 22, 2022 Sabah
KENINGAU: Digital data collection of foreigners in Sabah is not at all intended to provide documents to Illegal Immigrants (PTI) let alone give citizenship to all categories of foreigners.
June 21, 2022 Sabah
KENINGAU: Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) Chairman Dato Sri Hasan Arifin said the 33/11kV Main Distribution Substation (PPU) project worth RM30 million is expected to be completed on May 2023 and will benefit the community here.
June 20, 2022 Sabah
KENINGAU: Five houses in Kampung Kapayan Baru Apin-Apin, here, were destroyed in a fire last Saturday.
June 19, 2022 Sabah
KENINGAU: An elderly man who had an argument with his wife suffered burns when he set fire to his house in Kampung Lotong, Tambunan, Friday night.
June 18, 2022 Sabah
KENINGAU: Good achievements in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination are welcomed, especially the Kadazan Dusun language which was the highest performing subject.
June 17, 2022 Sabah
KENINGAU: State Health Exco Datuk Ir. Shahelmey Yahya urged the Federal Government to rebuild the Mansiat Health Clinicin Sook which was destroyed by fire on Tuesday.
June 16, 2022 Sabah
KENINGAU: Some 3,800 villagers here are facing the problem of treated water supply due to five pumps at the Bunsit water treatment plant being damaged and not functioning since May 31.
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