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September 21, 2023 Sabah
LABUAN: Conspicuous at the 19th century British naval cemetery located at a corner of the Botanical garden is a tombstone mounted on a three-layered hexagon-shaped bases’.
September 19, 2023 Sabah
LABUAN: An activist here has questioned the rationale for Labuan Corporation to spend funds to re-design the food court along Jalan Merdeka which has been viewed as a failure.
September 18, 2023 Sabah
LABUAN: The Hungry Ghost from the netherworld which supposedly have been wandering in the human world the past month were sent “home’ last week in a ceremony marked with prayers and offerings at the landmark Pak Sin Miew temple (Temple of Eight Immortals).
September 18, 2023 Sabah
LABUAN: The Labuan Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry commended the Unity Government for approving a quota of 7,500 foreign workers in three sub-sectors traditionally operated by the Indian business community, namely barber shops, goldsmiths and textile stores.
September 15, 2023 Sabah
LABUAN: While the impending commencement of ferry service between Bongao (Southern Philippines) and Lahad Datu may be good news to the economies of the two ports, Sabah’s security concerns should not be overlooked. .
September 11, 2023 Sabah
LABUAN: The AP (Approved Permit) requirement for rice imports into Sabah and Labuan should be abolished to stimulate competition.
September 10, 2023 Sabah
LABUAN: Member of Parliament Datuk Suhaili Abdul Rahman said all eyes will be on the “new team” in Labuan Corporation (LC), since July especially on reviving the local economy by luring more investors and entering a business-friendly environment.
September 09, 2023 Sabah
LABUAN: The local authorities and management company overseeing ferry terminals in Menumbok, Sabah and Labuan are taking stringent measures to ensure a smooth operation of sea transport for passenger boats.
September 07, 2023 Sabah
LABUAN: School holidays no longer are occasions businesses here look forward to due to the contraction of the local population caused by the exodus to Sabah and peninsula.
September 06, 2023 Sabah
LABUAN: A young psychiatrist attached with the Labuan Hospital tragically lost his life in a fatal accident along Jalan Kampung Bukit Kalam here early this morning.
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