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Dry spell cuts water output
Published on: Sunday, September 04, 2016
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Kota Kinabalu: The Water Department admitted that the recent hot and dry weather in Pitas, Matunggong and Kudat had resulted in a drop in the production of treated water to end users in various places, particularly in Kanibongan. Its spokesman said the level of raw supply in their intake point in Kanibongan was too low for its plant to release water to consumers residing in that part of the district.

"But it didn't last for more than a week as the supply was interrupted for at least three consecutive days recently.

We know this situation for a fact because we want to ensure our metered consumers receive piped water by constantly monitoring the level of raw water in the river," he added.

Asked why water tanker service was not implemented during the critical times, he replied it did not receive report about dry pipes by any of the residents there but would do so.

He assured that it would get more details about the water woe which had been affecting daily life for more than a week, recently.

Alternatively, the residents there can report such matter to Hotline at 088-437773.

The Daily Express reader said folks in Kampung Palapag bemoaned the hardship his family had to endure in getting sufficient treated water for their house.

"The situation became dire recently where it crossed my mind to dig a well behind my house just to get enough water for bathing and cleaning purposes at home," he added.

Apart from the village where his family is residing, he also said those staying at the neighbouring villages, namely Kampung Pantai, Kampung Pararo, Kampung Lihing and Kampung Pangkalan Pantai, were not spared as well.

"I have relatives and friends in these villages. They are suffering as well," he lamented, and suggested the Government upgrade the water treatment plant in Kanibongan so that it can be more reliable during the dry season.

He said the plant could no longer cater to the demand for piped water by the existing residents in the affected villages.

"The Government must understand that the number of family members in one house cannot possibly remain the same figure after 10 years. One or two will get married and have children during this period and that the usage of treated water will increase," he told Hotline recently.



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