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Luring more Chinese tourists to east coast
Published on: Saturday, April 21, 2018
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Tawau: Sabah Green Development Sdn Bhd Chief Executive Officer John Nip Wing Hon said the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between his firm and Great Living Fortune firm in Sandakan, last year, for the construction of 200 such units would be an effort to increase the accommodation available for tourists on the East Coast of the state through an ingenious method of purchasing accommodation system.The ambitious project is part of the effort for Sabah East Coast Tourism Belt Initiative.

"The arrangement is to build these villas, sell them to local and foreign guests especially tourists from China and managed by the resort when buyer went home and rent it out to tourists and buyer earn percentage from the income from the rent," he explained over the method.

Nip explained that the method has several advantages in the long run as tourists from there are attracted to Sabah's nature and fresh seafood making their purchase of such unit will ensure that they will promote the beautiful scenery of the state to their countrymen while returning again to their unit to stay during holidays.

"When they return to their country, the empty unit could be rented out and buyer can earn from rental which we estimate they could gain back their capital cost in around five years," he explained.

Nip also said the joint venture with the China based firm is to ensure that requirement by tourists from there could be met as the firm knows what are the requirement of Chinese tourists.

"The main intention is to ensure that we can entice them to visit us by fulfilling their travel requirement," he added.

He cited over the intensive promotion effort which is required to promote the state especially on tourists spots along the East Coast of the state which was marred by bad reputation by foreign intrusion in the past.

"With the security net properly placed here, we need to send the message that our East Coast is now safe and attractive to tourists to come and visit," he added.

Nip cited such effort will ensure that the industry could take a foothold and generate downstream industries where Sabahan could capitalise on it and directly lead to a better economy generation where Tongkat Ali and birds nest among others are in high demand.

He said their effort is just one method to increase the availability of accommodation to tourists.

Nip also cited that their effort is not to grab tourists from tourism operators in Semporna where the famous Sipadan island is located but more on complementing and providing other alternate attractions apart from just diving experience.

Nip's plan apart from the creation of the villas which 1,200 units have been planned to be constructed at the vicinity of the resort would also incorporate the construction of 5-star hotels on an island at the Kulumpang river mouth nearby to further boost accommodation capacity for tourists.

The construction method of the units will use environment friendly method which utilise bracketing system used in the past by China builders such as the construction of the Forbidden City which require no nail marred to latest iron technology which is anti-corrosive where a few meters of giant screws screwed to the ground will act as the pillars of each unit and doing away with piling.

"This method which has been practiced in other countries where the whole unit will be made of wooden interlocking block system much like a Lego set and avoiding pilling means we are not harming the mangrove environment," he added.

Thus, all the units are expected to be completed within two years by 2020.

He also explained that they themed the project 'Wellness' by using only available spaces to build such unit without harming mangrove trees thus protecting the eco-system, using solar power technology, having self-sufficient organic farms and poultry to be served to guests.

He said the mangrove location where the resort is currently situated is ideal for tourist who enjoys proper accommodation, nature with clean air and healthy food as well as natural scenic sights.

The whole project upon completion will make use of 3,000 acres of land not counting sea spaces where planned water recreation activities are to be situated.



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