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Culprit must be caught: Aussie mum
Published on: Wednesday, January 30, 2019
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Culprit must be caught: Aussie mum
KOTA KINABALU: The mother of Australian homestay operator, Daniel Boardhurst, who was slashed by a foreigner last Thursday near Kampung Kiwoi, in Tampuruli, said the culprit must be caught before he endangers others. 

“I appeal to all who live in the Tamparuli area, especially, to keep an eye out for this man who has done this to my son, he is a very dangerous man. He hurt my son terribly and could have killed him,” a tearful Denise Williams said, when met here, Tuesday. It is believed that the paperless Filipino is hiding in the jungle in the vicinity.

  “We are lucky that he (Daniel) is alive but please don’t go near him (suspect), he is very dangerous. Call the police if you see him or if you know where he is, he has to be caught before he does this again.”

 Denise said her son’s life has been changed forever because of this but I am grateful he is alive, as is his wife and family and friends,” she said.  

 Williams arrived in the State capital Monday night after getting a call in Sydney, Australia, that Daniel had been attacked. “We live a long way from Sydney but I was terribly shocked and saddened to hear what had happened to Daniel,” she said. 

 She said the people in his (Daniel) village in Tamparuli and his friends in Kota Kinabalu have been very kind and supportive, even coming to give blood to the hospital. 

“His recovery will be slow, he is a lot better now and we hope he will be a lot better in another week which is when we need to go home,” she said. 

 The 46-year-old sustained severe head injuries, with three cuts on his head and one each on his arms after being attacked by an undocumented Filipino by the name of Roy in his 30s. 

 Williams said her son’s vision has been affected but the ophthalmologist thinks that as the swelling in his brain goes down his vision will come back. 

 “For now he is sedated, his body is very tired and its very sore and he has to rest and repair and take things very easy.

But his life will never be the same,” she said.  

 “What happened to my son was unprovoked, my son didn’t deserve it.” It was learnt that Boardhurst was made aware on the morning of the incident that Roy was staying at the caretaker’s house and was seen taking drugs, prompting him (Daniel) to ride his bike to the caretaker’s house after lunch to ask Roy to leave, which ended in an altercation.

 The suspect was said to be a casual labourer known around the district and had worked on the property on a temporary basis three years ago.

 The suspect fled into the forest nearby leaving Boardhurst lying on a secluded stretch until passers-by rushed him to hospital. - Sherell Jeffrey 



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