Sabah’s online school debuts
Published on: Thursday, November 12, 2020
By: David Thien
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Sabah’s online school debuts
Kota Kinabalu: Sabah’s first online school – eschool2u.com.my, offering all primary and secondary school lessons in accordance with the approved syllabus of the Ministry of Education (MOE) Malaysia – opens for registration this month just as the MOE closes brick-and-mortar schools from Nov 9 due to conditional movement control order (CMCO) measures to curb Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Selina Datuk Hj Light, the General Manager of eschool2U.com.my, subscribers have an option of getting a free online newspaper from either Daily Express (English/Malay) or Overseas Daily Chinese News when they register for their online lessons. For more information, she can be contacted at 012-8222968 or log online to see more details at www.eschool2u.com.my.

MOE has announced that all schools, including vocational colleges, under it will be closed from Nov 9 until the final day of the school year on Dec 17 and 18. MOE Minister Dato’ Radzi Jidin said the decision was made following the CMCO enforced on all states. All classes are expected to continue online or through home-based learning.

He also asked parents to take their children home from their hostels, adding that they may obtain a consent letter from the school to travel inter-state.

In the meantime, students are to be under the care of the wardens, with food and water to be provided by the school.

Radzi said all primary school students are required to resume face-to-face classes on Jan 20 next year, as previously scheduled. The same goes for Form One, Four, Five and Six as well as vocational college students.

All Form Two and Three students will also begin the new school term on the same date, but through online learning. They will only be allowed to resume classes in person on March 8 next year.

“These rules also apply to private schools and any educational institutions registered under the ministry. Schools not registered under the ministry are also advised to follow this ruling.”  

Parents who are homeschooling their children will benefit from the lessons provided by eschool2u.com.my as the academic calendar now nearing the year-end school holiday with CMCO in place with a lack of clarity and clear directions from educators teaching from books, can be moved to online with lessons on videos.

Lee related how online lessons seemed to be more limited, which inevitably means that children would learn less at home than if they were in school.

Lecturer, and mother-of-three Fatimah Tajudin, 34, said the MOE should be taking its cues from home-school centres’ teaching methods and their approach in educating children with alternative online methods.

Educational lobbyist group Parent Action Group for Education (Page) Honorary Secretary Tunku Munawirah Putra urged the MOE to come up with a clear guideline of the standard operating procedure (SOP) for the SPM examination now postponed to Feb 22, 2021.

“Parents and students are concerned over the loss of lessons, and some students are now dependent on tuition centres for those who are privy enough to have alternative lessons and learning,” she said.

Tunku Munawirah compared this with the SOPs already set up for international examinations such as the A Levels, O Levels and the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

“It would serve the MOE well to look into the SOP that is being practised at international schools and exam centres,” she said. 




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