'Quick thinking the best defence for women'
Published on: Monday, November 24, 2014
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'Quick thinking the best defence for women'
KOTA KINABALU: Quick thinking is the best defence for women to avoid becoming a victim of crime rather than putting up a fight with their assailant.A split second makes a difference between being a victim and escaping to safety, according to Borneo Tribal Squad MMA (BTS) General Manager Emily S. Barner at the Borneo Tribal Squad MMA & Fitness Factory, in Lintas Square near here.

Barner was giving a free workshop on Basic Women's Self-Defence Class in conjunction with the 3rd Annual Fodada Women's Self-Defence Day: An event for empowerment.

It was a collaborative effort by Sabah Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals Association (Swepa), Fodada (a men's clothing brand dedicated to celebrating what a great dad means to a child, a family and a community), and the BTS.

Barner gave basic tips to 30 participants for real emergency situations and stressed the objective of self-defence was always to escape.

"It might seem basic but it really can help women from becoming crime victims. It is not about technique but about trying not be the victim," said Barner.

"It is very important not to panic when the situation happens and we have to be aware of our surrounding because how you handle the situation is very important.

"Stay calm and survey your surrounding, find your weapon whether around you or on your body and think of how you can escape from the assailant," said Barner.

Participants were taught striking and ground self-defence techniques in escaping from the clutches of assailants and body parts that could be used as weapon, targets on assailants' body to look for to distract or disable them in order to escape.

"With the crime rate rising especially snatch thefts, women should always be aware of their surroundings," said Barner.

With knowledge and awareness on how to protect themselves, at least women have confidence to escape from assailants, said Barner.

Barner also shared tips with women drivers on not to make their car look obviously like women's cars by putting fancy things or keeping things which could tell strangers the driver's identity.

Meanwhile, Swepa President Datin Jeannette Tambakau said the event was beneficial to all women and that Swepa will organise such events annually as it is helpful for women to learn some basic techniques.

Caption: Barner (left) demonstrating a ground technique on how to escape during assault.



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