Plaza Shell is also a shopping mall, says GM
Published on: Thursday, October 13, 2016
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Kota Kinabalu: Plaza Shell has been an iconic landmark of Kota Kinabalu for almost a year, providing the capital with a much-needed makeover in the heart of the city but not many urbanites who pass by this modern building daily really know that this building is also basically, a shopping mall.It is true that the building houses some of the super-rich companies in the State such as Shell and Hap Seng Consolidated Group while its ground floor is adorned with the latest edition of Mercedes Benz.

However, the building also boasts of a dazzling three levels of retail podium, featuring a wide variety in dining, fashion and leisure.

"This is why we held this Plaza Shell Open Day, especially for our tenants so we can create awareness among them and they can bring in their friends and also to the public and tell them what exactly we have in Plaza Shell," said Hap Seng Credit Sdn Bhd General Manager (East Malaysia) Joanne Wendy Chung.

Currently, she said, the building has at least three cafés, health clinics, physiotherapy spa, several restaurants that will open their doors before the year is up, hair salons, beauty salons, a gym and many others.

Even though all seem quiet at the moment, she said, it is because most of the shops are under renovation, promising that the whole place will be full of life once the levels are filled up by the end of this year.

"Today, HS Medical Clinic also officially opened its doors and they set up their own medical camp for this Open Day where visitors can get health screenings for free," she said.

Chung was excited about the coming-soon range of restaurants that are moving to the plaza which include D' Place, the Kadazandusun cuisine restaurant, Gaya Sport Seafood Restaurant, Shanghai delicacies and the Speak Easy Bar that will fill up the second level of the building.

Apart from the restaurants and cafés, the retail podium also offers retail shops that are usually found in normal shopping malls.

"To top it all off, AmBank also just started their operations at the ground floor of this building last Monday and Sugar Bun Restaurant will be opened just opposite the bank," she said. Chung added that the building management is also targeting tourists to come because of its wide variety of cuisine restaurants and she foresees that there will soon be an influx of tourists, especially because of the seafood restaurant.

She brushed off fears of compromised security if too many people come into the building since tenants of the office towers have been promised a world-class security as one of the building's main attractions.

"I think that fear is unfounded because access to the first three levels is open to the public but if they want to go upstairs to the office towers, everyone needs to register. And they cannot get through these security gates except with passes," she said. During the one-day Open Day, visitors were given free access to the retail podium, free parking, free coffee and desserts, free hair wash coupons, physiotherapy assessment and many others.

Plaza Shell is developed and owned by Sabah-born listed company Hap Seng Group. It is the first Grade A Green Office in Kota Kinabalu and had been voted the best of its class in the whole of East Malaysia.



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