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IGP must pay attention to Sabah
Published on: Wednesday, June 12, 2019
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IGP must pay attention to Sabah
KOTA KINABALU: A spate of incidents in the state lately involving foreigners warrants urgent attention of new Inspector General of Police Datuk Seri Abdul Hamid Bador, especially on whether the present resources of the Force in Sabah, which although doing its best, may be stretched, according to members of the public who contacted Daily Express to express their worry.

They pointed out that the killing of a Grab driver, bloody separate assaults on members of the public and businessman in Inanam and Tuaran, a clash in Ranau with locals, a man being killed and dumped in the drain in the latest such case in Tawau, the beating up of a family in Penampang – all involving Filipinos mostly in broad daylight and within a fortnight – were unprecedented.

Ranau Member of Parliament Jonathan Yasin said the recent clash between a group of locals and Filipinos in Ranau town should have not happened because there are laws in the country.

“The incident between foreigners and local residents in town on Sunday was very unfortunate, especially to all the locals in Ranau.

“The incident seems as if there are no laws in our country. 

“However, we leave it to the police to investigate and take action against those who violate the laws of the country,” he said in his Facebook page. 

Jonathan’s posting received over 900 reactions and received about 300 comments from netizens, who were upset over the incident, especially over the failure of the authorities to curb illegal foreigners roaming freely around the district.

Ranau Police Chief, DSP Mohd Shahrul Datuk Abdul Wahab described those who circulated the incident on social media as irresponsible keyboard warriors.

“They act on emotion and prejudice, without knowing the real facts.

“Eventually they instigated and raised hatred towards other races,” he said.

On Sunday afternoon, 28-year-old Stanley Gisin was standing in front of a shop when a group of men rushed out from a car and began attacking several other men nearby.

The victim ran in order to avoid being assaulted but was caught up by two of the assailants who beat him up with pipes, causing a bloody wound on the back of the head which later treated with six stitches.

Shahrul said after investigation done under Section 324 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means, police arrested five individuals to assist in the investigations.  

Paginatan Assemblyman, Datuk Abidin Madingkir also stressed that the incident should not have happened.

“We must make sure that such case will not recur,” he said and hoped the authorities, especially the police and Ranau District Council would curb the sale of illegal cigarettes.

“It is not easy but at least reduce the sale of illegal cigarettes” he said.

He also urged the police, the National Registration Department, Immigration and Council to check the ever-increasing numbers of foreigners (PTIs) in the district.

“Patrolling by law enforcers should be as often as possible,” he said, and advised local residents to stop renting out their lands, houses or rooms to foreigners.

“Cooperation by every quarter is needed to handle this issue. I agree with Ranau District Police Chief, DSP Mohd Shahrul Datuk Hj Abdul Wahab to let the police handle the matter and for the public not to take the law into their own hands,” he said.

Also in KOTA KINABALU, several customers carrying out business transactions at a leading bank, here, fled when a shirtless foreigner barged into the premises and created a ruckus at 6pm on Friday.

The sole security guard tasked to look after the Automated Teller Machines (ATM) and Cash Deposit Machines (CDM) inside the bank at Jalan Gaya was helpless as the intruder yelled at him to stand still and answer his questions, including where he was from.

According to a witness, the security firm that provided the guard appeared not to have trained him on how to handle such a situation because he appeared terrified.

“The guard acted cowardly and answered all the questions such as that he was from Kota Marudu, etc, instead of calling the police or chasing him away,” said the witness.

“Luckily, the few customers there quickly left while others who wanted to come in did not when they saw what was happening inside. 

“Or else the intruder may have even robbed them or forced them to withdraw their cash,” he said.

He said the bank management and the security firm concerned should view the matter seriously in the light of security issues that have occurred lately. 

“How is the guard supposed to protect the bank’s customers when he appeared afraid to confront the intruder himself,” he asked. 

In TAWAU, four paperless Filipino teenagers have been picked up for questioning less than 24 hours after a man was found dead in a drain at the back of a premises in Jalan Bantu, Fajar, Monday.

District Police Chief, ACP Peter Umbuas said the suspects are aged between 16 and 17. They were picked up from different areas in town, namely Jalan Dunlop, Taman Semarak Megah and in a cyber cafe in Sabindo between 1.45pm to 4.40pm.

He said initial findings showed that the suspects were not satisfied with the victim who accused them to be thieves. The case is being investigated for murder which carries the mandatory death sentence if convicted. 

The body of Jaafar Jalman, 49, who runs a food stall, was found face down in a drain at about 5pm. He had two stab wounds on the left neck and right chest. A screw driver and an eight inch knife were recovered from the scene.

“No documents were found on the body, which was identified by his wife,” said Umbuas. The body has been sent for post mortem.

Based on her statement, the victim went sightseeing alone at about 12.45am on June 9 (Sunday) after closing the food stall. The man who drove a Proton Wira never returned home, prompting his wife to lodge a missing person report. 

In PENAMPANG, two foreigners aged between 30 and 40 were arrested for alleged involvement in beating up a man and his son near Surau Al- Jannah, Kg Petagas, Putatan, on Monday.

Penampang Police Chief DSP Mohd Haris Ibrahim said the victims who suffered serious injuries were sent to Hospital Queen Elizabeth 1. The man is in the Intensive Care Unit while the son is semi-conscious.

“A police report was lodged by a member of the family (victim’s daughter) stating that her father and younger brother were beaten up by a group of men,” he said.

The complainant said upon arriving, she noticed that her father was unconscious while her brother was groaning pain in his hand and right leg.

The case was being investigated under Section 147 of the Penal Code which provides for a jail term of up to two years or fine or both, upon conviction. - Clarence GD, Lagatah Toyos, Del Roester Rudim and Oliver Voon


Photo Source: Bernama


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