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Govt sticking to slot machines decision: Jaujan
Published on: Friday, September 13, 2019
By: Neil Chan
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Govt sticking to slot machines decision: Jaujan
KOTA KINABALU: The State Government is sticking to its decision to not allow slot machines businesses to renew their licences once expired, said Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Jaujan Sambakong.

 He said the matter had been decided under the new State Government and circulars had also been sent to all local authorities who had issued business licenses to allow slot machine premises to operate before.

 He said to date more than 70 slot machine licences have been issued throughout Sabah, being among states that allowed gambling activities.

 Jaujan, who is also State Local Government and Housing Minister, said the ban was made after several studies and public feedback had been made that gambling activities had contributed to social ills in the local community.

 “The Cabinet already decided on this matter a few months ago, after which we no longer issue a licence to operate a slot machine.

 “It should be understood that although the licence was issued by the Ministry of Finance, to operate the business is under the jurisdiction of the Sabah Ministry of Local Government and Housing (KTP),” he said, when met after officiating the IDS Seminar on Strengthening and Restructuring the Critical and Core Institutions of Democracy in Malaysia from the Perspective of Sabah, Thursday.

Jaujan said there were still some licences issued before expiring. Therefore, when it expires later this year, no licence renewal will be allowed.

“This is detrimental to our society, among the people who are addicted to this gambling, resulting in divorce in the family, property auctions and so on,” he said.

Therefore, after considering such a situation, the Sabah Government decided to stop the activity.

 “We need to abide by this law which is important as we take care of our community. This is our agenda to ensure the well being of Sabahans. These businesses do not even contribute to economic growth.

 “Looking at it, only these businesses benefit. This decision is for the good of all.

 “Traders will not lose because there are more business opportunities that they can afford as long as they are not harmful to the community,” he said.


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