Kalabakan gets District Office
Published on: Friday, November 15, 2019
By: Lagatah Toyos
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KALABAKAN: The setting up of a District Office here, Thursday, is considered historic for the people and leaders of the area as it finally has a full-time district office.

State Rural Development Minister, Datuk Ewon Benedick, believes the new office will enhance service for the people and governance in the developing the new district.

He was made to understand that 1, 000 acres near the area had been made available for the development of the new town of Kalabakan which also includes a secretariat and district office.

He hoped that leadership under the Kalabakan District Officer, Abdul Rashid Abdul Harun, would provide full cooperation to the local representatives, departments, and Federal and State government agencies in the effort to further develop the district.

“I also believe the people’s representatives and leaders at the district level are in the process of preparing a more comprehensive Kalabakan Development Plan to facilitate the government in providing appropriate budget planning,” he told reporters after officiating the Kalabakan District Office, here.

Tanjung Batu Assemblyman, Datuk Hamisa Samat was also present.

The office building has been in operation since July 24.

On the water problem in Tawau and Kalabakan, Ewon said the matter had been discussed at a recent State Cabinet meeting and the Water Department will find a solution.

He said the proposal to build a water treatment plant in Kalabakan was seen as a solution to the issue and he believes the people’s representatives had brought the matter to the State Assembly for the knowledge of the minister.

In his ministry, he said there was a small allocation to explore underground water supply sources in rural villages that had water problems by starting from one village first.

He said efforts to explore underground water sources was to help the Water Department and the ministry solve the problems faced by residents.

Kalabakan with a total area of 3, 878.05 sq km is a new district  and derived its name from the word ‘kalap angkan’ which means ‘can eat’ in the Tidong language, an ethnic minority in the district, besides Murut.

In terms of economic activity, the community relies on farming of oil palm and local fruits as well as fisheries. Being strategically located near Sg Kalabakan, the district is a leading producer of shrimp in Sabah.


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