Kepayan railings need attention
Published on: Wednesday, November 25, 2020
By: Sidney Skinner
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A fresh coat of paint was applied to the railings, after the missing section were replaced.
Maintenance is carried out on the railings along one side of Jalan Bunga Raja Kayu, heading to Taman Orkid in the Kepayan Ridge area, when wear and tear takes a toll on these structures.

A spokeswoman for the Government concessionaire said damage caused by rust or natural deterioration of the metal was attended to on and off.

“However, in cases where the railings have been run down, we will have to apply for funds to replace the damaged structures,” she said.

She was responding to a Kepayan resident’s misgivings about the lack of maintenance carried out on the railings, some of which were missing in places.

The spokeswoman explained that the missing railings had actually been removed by the company as motorists had collided with them while going up the road.

“A proposal was submitted to the Public Works Department (PWD), shortly after this came to light in July, to have new railings put up.

“We received an allocation at the end of October.”

Those railings which were run down had been removed by the concessionaire.


She said a sub-contractor with the firm replaced the missing structures in the first week of November.

“A fresh coat of paint was added to all the railings to minimise the possibility of rust eating away at the metal.” 

STEPHEN of Kepayan commended the local authorities for looking out for the wellbeing of pedestrians who used the slope.

“The railings are clearly an attempt by them to prevent those going on foot from accidentally walking into the path of vehicles using the stretch,” he said.

“This is a commendable initiative to safeguard the public.”

Nevertheless, he felt that effort also had to be made to maintain the railings.

“Some sections of the railings have been missing for years. I cannot understand how the authorities could have turned a blind eye to this.”

Stephen said he hated to imagine what could happen if a parent went for a walk with his/ her young child.

“If the youngster lets go of his father or mother’s hand, the kid might wind up running onto the road and into the traffic on the stretch.”

He provided Hotline with the location of the missing railings which were initially forwarded to City Hall.

A spokeswoman for the agency said a check of its records revealed that these structures were no longer under it’s jurisdiction.

“We erected the metal railings under our ‘Bandar Selamat (Safe City)’ project,” she said. 

“However, we relinquished any responsibility for maintaining them years ago, when the main road was handed over to the PWD.”

She said City Hall was helpless to intervene on the problem highlighted by the resident.

“Nevertheless, we alerted the Department’s concessionaire about this matter as soon as we became aware of his concerns.” 


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