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Published on: Tuesday, March 23, 2021
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Growing up in the vast land of Borneo in East Malaysia, it is common to see the sight of MILO in all households. 

From city to kampung folks, East Malaysians know and understand the quality MILO brings as a drink, be it the first cuppa of the day or an ice-cold drink during mid-days.  

Since 1950 when it was introduced in Malaysia, MILO has won the hearts of Malaysians young and old.  

The way MILO has been consumed has taken in different forms throughout the years. 

MILO comes in a multitude of nutritious and convenient offerings to suit the different needs and preferences, but it is their unmistakable great MILO taste that is loved by generations. 

MILO has now become a well-loved household brand, a quintessential part of Malaysian life and nourished generations of champions.  

So what makes MILO so beloved by Malaysians? The answers lie in the winning formula. MILO is made from malt barley, milk and cocoa with a unique combination of essential vitamins and minerals to help release energy from food. 

And then, there is the great choco-malty taste that is distinctively and unmistakably MILO with the familiar aroma.   

While the regular MILO powder from the tin is undoubtedly a favourite of many, the goodness of MILO now comes in a variety of nutritious offerings for Malaysians to go even further with the energy of MILO.  

According to Ng Su Yen, Business Executive Officer – MILO Business Unit, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad, “Innovating the goodness of MILO is in line with our brand purpose which is to support Malaysians on healthy, active lifestyles with the nutrition and energy of MILO. Understanding that our consumers have different needs, tastes and preferences, we have come up with a repertoire of nutritious, delicious offerings so that they can make the most of their favourite MILO.”

MILO fans are spoiled for choice – here are some of the goodness that is currently available in the market.  

► MILO® Activ-Go Plus Fibre: MILO® Activ-Go Plus Fibre contains 2.5 times fibre compared to the regular MILO® Activ-Go powder. The added goodness of dietary fibre is a critical component of a wholesome, balanced diet to maintain digestive health. One serving (30g added to 200ml of hot water) of MILO® Activ-Go Plus Fibre fulfills 12% of the recommended daily dietary fibre intake (Per Recommended Nutrient Intakes for Malaysia 2017 guidelines, the recommended daily intake of dietary fibre is 20-30g.) Like the regular MILO® Activ-Go powder, this new variant maintains the goodness of MILO® made from malt barley, milk and cocoa – all with the familiar great MILO® taste. To top it off, it contains only about half a teaspoon (2.9g) of added sugar (sucrose) per serve (30g).   


► MMILO® Less Sugar: MILO® Less Sugar is your favourite MILO® at 25% less sugar compared to the regular MILO®. It is formulated for consumers who love the distinguishable taste of MILO® but with even less sugar. It is also high in calcium and can be served as a source of protein. 



► MILO® with Whole Grain Cereal:  A high-fibre option, MILO® with Whole Grain Cereal keeps you nutritiously filled and satisfied longer without the weight of a heavy breakfast. A serving of MILO® with Whole Grain Cereal contains 8g of whole grain, which helps to meet 17% of the recommended whole grain intake per day (Recommended whole grain intake per day ≥48g). 



► MILO® Nutri Breakfast (Banana and Seeds variants): The newest addition to MILO®’s growing range is an instant oatmeal. Containing the added goodness of imported oats and real fruit pieces or seeds, it has the iconic MILO® taste that Malaysians love – only now, you can scoop and enjoy it as a warm, nutritious bowl of delicious oatmeal to start your day. It is high in iron, calcium, and Vitamin C, as well as a good source of fibre. Fibre is important to help maintain digestive function. 

All the above mentioned MILO® variants are certified with the Healthier Choice Logo by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. This means that these MILO® products are lower in total sugars and fat, while higher in fibre compared to other products in the same category without the Healthier Choice Logo. 

To discover more of the goodness of MILO®, go to: https://www.MILO.com.my/ 





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