Owner told to remove illegal extension
Published on: Friday, April 09, 2021
By: Sidney Skinner
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A City Hall officer completing the notice which would be given to this Kg Likas rate-payer.
A Kg Likas ratepayer risks being taken to court if he/ she does not remove the illegal extension which has been made to his/ her home.

A spokesman for City Hall’s Building Control Department (BCD) said a check revealed that no prior permission had been given for the house to be modified.

“No building plan was submitted to us for this work,” he said.

“Even if we had received one, however, there is no way that the plan would have been approved.”

He said the individual would have been advised against proceeding, as he/ she did not have enough land to accommodate the modification. 

“The structure, which has been added to the house, encroaches onto the government land next to the home.” 

He said the homeowner had been told to dismantle the extension and given a grace period in which to comply with this instruction.

“Should he/ she fail to do so, legal action will be taken against him/ her.”

The new addition occupies part of an open space set aside for a playground in Kg Likas.

The spokesman did not rule out the possibility of City Hall moving in to dismantle the extension.

“Such action can be taken in extreme circumstances. If we do this, the ratepayer will have to bear the cost of this demolition. 

“He/ she will be liable for the expenses incurred by us under section 4 of our Building Bylaw 1951 (Amendment 1987).”

The spokesman was responding to feedback that the homeowner seemed to be trying to get the better of City Hall.

Another resident from the same area said this was the second time that the back of the terrace house had been extended.

The previous extension was taken down four years ago, only to be rebuilt some time in 2020, according to him.

He said a make-shift hair salon had been run from the structure in 2018. 

The resident claimed it was presently being used as a “tempat berjudi” (gambling den).

He decried the agency’s failure to properly crackdown on the developments involving this house.

The reader provided Hotline with the location of the residence which was forwarded to City Hall.

The spokesman said its records showed that the illegal extension in Kg Likas had been dismantled in 2018.

“The homeowner was given a friendly notice when the structure was seen again a year later,” he said.

“Due to some oversight on our part, however, no follow-up inspection was made until we were recently reminded of this problem by the media.

He said the Department’s personnel inspected the premises in March and confirmed that the extension had not been removed.

“A notice was issued on the spot, instructing the rate-payer to take down the illegal modification made to the existing house.” 

The spokesman said, if need be, the BCD would work together with its peers from the Enforcement Department and Police to carry out a demolition.

RAIZ of Likas said the extension occupied part of an open space which had been set aside as “a playground”.

“The additional two-floor structure behind the house receives a lot of visitors,” he said. 

“I understand that many of them go there to gamble, while others rent rooms from the owner.”

He shared his misgivings about these goings-on with a friend who also lives along Jalan Kuala Laut.

“My neighbour told me that I was not the only one to notice what was taking place at the residence. 

“Many of those who did had apparently reported this matter to City Hall.”

A view of what lies inside the extension.

He said his friend went on to say that this was not the first time that the house had been extended.

“A room was added behind the building a few years ago. At that time, visitors went there for a hair-cut or hair-wash.

“He said the structure was eventually taken down, following an outcry from the public in this area.”

Raiz was at a loss to understand why City Hall was dragging its feet in this instance, considering the latest extension was even bigger than the one before.

“I informed the agency about this at the end of January. I have received repeated assurances since then that something would be done.

“So far, however, the additional structure has yet to be dismantled.” 


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