Power installations poorly maintained in Inanam, Papar
Published on: Friday, April 30, 2021
By: Sidney Skinner
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A hole has formed at the base of the pole where rust has eaten through the metal.
TWO consumers, from Inanam and Papar, have taken Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) to task for the lack of maintenance carried out on the firm’s installations in their respective areas.

The former was displeased by the poor condition of the electricity poles along the road to Kg Sinulihan.

She said many of these facilities were damaged and literally being kept upright by the cables which they supported.

The latter, on the other hand, called out the firm for failing to look after the streetlights attached to the power poles off Jalan Suok-Dambai.

He said most of the lights were only decorative as they had not come on “for years”.

Both residents provided Hotline with the location of these structures which was forwarded to SESB.

A spokeswoman for the firm said the relevant sections would have to verify these claims.

“We will attend to those electricity poles, servicing the Inanam village, which are damaged,” she said.

“We will try to have any which are beyond repair replaced.”

This Inanam streetlight is kept upright by the cables, which it supports.

She said the administration of SESB’s office in Papar would be queried about the streetlights along Jalan Suok-Dambai. 

“We will have to determine if SESB is indeed responsible for looking after these amenities.

“Should this be the case, then our technicians will be asked to have them restored as soon as possible.”

MONIQUE of Inanam said several of the electricity poles looked as if they could fall over at any time.

“The bottom of many of these structures has been eaten away by rust,” she said.

“I fear that some vehicle might be damaged, or worse still a passer-by might be injured, if any of these poles topple over.”

She said a few of these poles were leaning over dangerously.

“I suspect that the weight of the overhead lines, attached to the structures, may be more than the latter can support.

“Thankfully, the one outside my front gate hasn’t fallen over eventhough there is a hole in the section of the pole which is closer to the ground.

“I suspect that the cables on either side may be helping to hold it up.”

Monique said one of her neighbour’s reported the irregularities involving the poles to SESB a few years ago.

“An officer from the firm came to the area, at the time, and took some photographs.

“So far, however, nothing has been done to either set the poles back aright or to replace those which have been damaged.”

She hoped SESB would act on this problem as soon as possible before any of these structures collapsed.

“If the poles topple, me and the other consumers living along the road will surely have our power supply disrupted. “ 

Monique said the sorry state of the poles gave her the impression that little was being done to look after these and other SESB installations servicing the village.

She appealed to the company to address her concerns as soon as possible before there was an outage or anyone came to harm. 

MARCEL of Papar  said the streetlights, from the Jalan Mogon Biau-junction all the way to Kg Suok-Dambai, were put in place years ago.

“The lights were tested for a while to see if they functioning, after they were first attached to the electricity poles,” he said. 

He said many of these amenities had not been lit since.

This Papar electricity pole-cum-street light is learning over dangerously. 

“The lights feel like decorations which have lost their charm. A lot of them don’t even look pretty anymore.

“The metal around the light fixtures has lost its sheen and turned brown, while the poles to which they are connected have become overgrown with creepers.”

He said the lack of illumination on the village road made it difficult for motorists to tell if there were vehicles coming round the bend at night, let alone when those going on foot were crossing the road.

“This is especially so when there is a downpour.”

Marcel some of those living in the village, which is located about 10 kilometres away from Papar, had reported these streetlight woes to the District Council.

“The Council’s staff redirected my neighbours to SESB. They were made to understand that the lights were outside the agency’s jurisdiction.

“My neighbours highlighted the problem with the lights to the company, but their efforts have so far proven in vain as the lights have not been restored.”

A Council spokesman said the agency was helpless to intervene on this matter, as the lights were not under its maintenance. 

“A check of our records show that these amenities were not installed by us,” he said.

“The most we can do is to alert the parties that put up the lights about this problem.”


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