P’pang monsoon drain repair 80pc completed
Published on: Tuesday, May 04, 2021
By: Sidney Skinner
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Culverts were temporarily placed in the drain to facilitate efforts to install the sheet piles.
The Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) hopes to mitigate the flood woes in several Penampang neighbourhoods, including Taman Golfview, once repairs on a monsoon drain, along Jalan Bundusan, have been completed.

A DID spokeswoman estimated that about 20 per cent of the work, which began in the second week of March, remained to be done.

“The weather permitting and barring any unforeseen circumstances, we tentatively expect to wrap everything up by the middle of May,” she said on April 30.

The DID discovered that one part of the concrete walls for the structure had collapsed in September last year.

“The damaged sections had fallen into the drain, blocking the flow of water inside. 

“This had reduced the capacity of the structure. The debris, including several ‘L-shaped units’ which had deteriorated, were removed at the time.”

She said this resulted in the earth, held up by these parts of the wall, becoming exposed.

“Much of the soil washed back into the drain during subsequent downpours.”

Concrete was poured over the ‘sheet-piles’ once they had been put in place.

The spokeswoman said this had contributed to the drainage problems in Taman Golfview, as well as Taman Millennium Heights and Golf Garden. 

She said the DID was in the process of replacing the affected “L-shaped units” for the drain with “sheet piles”. 

“The sheet piles had to be brought in from Peninsula Malaysia as they could not be sourced locally.

“They were ordered at the end of last year but, due to Covid-related complications, only arrived in the State at the beginning of March,” she said, in explaining why it took six-months for the drain to be repaired. 

The spokeswoman said the “sheet piles” had been put in place on either side of the drain and concrete had been poured over them “to tie them up”.

“A culvert was temporarily placed in the drain to facilitate efforts to have the sheet piles installed.

“The culvert has since been removed and the contractor is in the midst of doing some reinforcement, including putting in some capping beams.”

DRAVIN of Penampang decried the poor management of the drainage for Taman Golfview.

“The water overflows after less than an hour of rainfall, flooding the housing road,” he said.

“The water level can sometimes rise so high that for a time a ‘mini swimming pool’ forms on in the section between the houses.”

He said these flash flood were an inconvenience to homeowners there. 

The neighbourhood began to flood after about 45 minutes of rain in April.

“Sometimes, the water level is so high that the road becomes virtually impassable to those with small vehicles,” he said.

“Many of us have to leave our cars by the roadside and walk to our homes when there is a downpour.”

He said drivers had to shoulder the high costs of maintaining their cars due to the wear and tear caused from going through the flood waters.

“On top of this, the water from the drains overflows into our compounds, literally trapping us inside our homes.”

Dravin admitted that the drains were attended to in most cases, when complaints were made to the local authorities.

“These efforts only provide those of us who live here with short-term relief at best.

“A few months later we will be back to square one as the drains will overflow again.”

On a Sunday afternoon in April, he noticed that the monsoon drain filled up after only about 45 minutes of rain.

“The main road to the neighbourhood was submerged under water but, thankfully, the downpour stopped before all the housing drains overflowed.” 

He said this was not the first time that he had experienced these drainage woes this year.

“The road was partially covered by flood waters on a Monday afternoon in March.”

Dravin said the residents there had wearied of asking the relevant agencies to act on this problem.

He said the flood woes in Taman Golfview had been going on for over a year already.

“It is high time for the local authorities to consider upgrading the drainage for the road.

The homeowner related his grievance to Hotline in a letter which was forwarded to the DID.


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