‘Public may get fed up waiting for vaccination appointment’ warning
Published on: Tuesday, May 11, 2021
By: Borneo News Net
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Yahya (centre) witnessing as Anuar (left) presents the Certificate of Recognition to Nerudin.
Kota Kinabalu: Pertubuhan Rumpun Etnik Sabah (Presbah) urged the Government not to let people who have registered through MySejahtera for Covid-19 vaccination to wait for too long to get it as they may get fed up of waiting and feel discouraged to proceed with it.

Its President, Haji Yahya Ahmad, said many people, even those who have registered in February, when the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme was launched, are still waiting for their turn to get the vaccine.

“I would like to remind Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Khairy Jamaluddin on his assurance that there will be no queueing because it is still happening, which the people don’t want to see and they don’t like it.

“Whatever the planning or strategy made the Government need to ensure that those people who have registered in the MySejahtera fo vaccination truly get them as fast and efficiently as possible.

“Because the Government has asked us all to register for the vaccination and they have already done it, but now they are still waiting for the vaccine to come.

“So we ask the Government to truly arrange it properly so that the people who have registered get their vaccine accordingly, strategically, using the hospitals and health clinics so it truly reaches the whole community including at every village.

“Because we don’t want a situation where the Government continues asking the people to register to get the vaccine but the vaccine didn’t reach them.

“So we hope the Government will give attention to this matter because people are now waiting to get the vaccine,” he told the media when met at the Presbah Iftar Ramadhan held at Mentari Ballroom in Tanjung Aru, here, Saturday.

Yahya also said that Presbah, which presently has 3,000 members throughout Sabah, is presently working on highlighting two issues affecting the people namely the Pan Borneo Highway and education.

“Presbah is focused on highlighting issues of the people like that related to infrastructure, needs of the people and their grouses.

“One of the latest issues we are working on is the Pan Borneo Highway, because the construction works are causing many potholes along the existing roads which poses danger to the motorists.

“I have already stressed this to the Public Work Department and Works Minister Datuk Seri Bung Moktar Radin that while we are waiting the Pan Borneo Highway to complete we also need to ensure the existing roads used by the sand and gravel lorries involved in the construction are safe because there are many potholes.  

“We don’t want that while waiting Pan Borneo Highway to complete, more road users get killed while travelling the existing roads. So much damage had been caused by the lorries concerned to the existing roads,” he said, adding that Presbah hopes while the Pan Borneo Highway construction is being sped up the quality will also be maintained.

At the same time, he said the existing roads used by the lorries involved in the Pan Borneo Highway construction will also be maintained for the safety of all road users.

On education, Yahya said Presbah hopes the Government will ensure that any changes to be made to the education system will not affect the interests of the students and burdens their parents.

“We want the quality of education to be improved, but at the same time, we don’t want the focus only to achieve excellence, but also on the student personality which is also very important and needs to be developed because they are the future leaders of our country,” he said.

Yahya also witnessed the presentation of Certificate of Recognition from FGV Holding Berhad Malaysia, by its Sabah Zone Manager Anuar Ibrahim, to Syarikat Anjung Rezeki Hardware Sdn Bhd, represented by its Nerudin Ludah, to become the official agent in Sabah to supply FGV Agri Services and FGV Fertiliser agricultural products. 


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