Owner told to reduce number of pet dogs
Published on: Wednesday, May 12, 2021
By: Sidney Skinner
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City Hall staff delivering the notice to the dog-owner in the Lido area.
A LIDO home-owner has been instructed to reduce the number of canines he/she is rearing.

A City Hall spokeswoman said the agency’s Animal Control Unit (ACU) found eight dogs inside the compound in Teck Guan Villa towards the end of April.

She said half of the pack were adults, while the rest were pups of between four to six months. 

“We have told the rate-payer that he/ she can only rear two dogs at any one time and that these pets must be licenced,” she said.

She said a check of the agency’s records revealed that none of his/ her canines were registered.

“On top of this, the rate-payer was asked to remove the unlicenced canines including the possibility of having them adopted.

“In the case of the pups, he/ she was advised to find homes for them once they had stopped suckling and began eating solid food.”

She said the dog-owner was given further guidance on how to look after his/ her dogs.

Some of the adult dogs being reared inside the home are seen in the premises.

“During the inspection, our staff offered some pointers on how to keep the kennel clean and dispose of the canine waste properly.

“The individual was also asked to take steps to ensure that his/ her pets did not inconvenience his/ her neighbours by barking non-stop.”

A notice to this affect was given to the pet-owner, according to her.

The spokeswoman said the individual would be given a grace period in which to comply with the guidelines set-out in City Hall’s Registration and Control of Dogs By Law 1963 (Amendment 2008).

“Should he/she fail to do so, further action will be taken.”

He said the individual had been given a grace-period to fulfil the conditions in the notice.

“Should he/ she fail to do so, then further action will be taken.”

HARRIET, who lives along Lorong Tupai 2 in the Lido area, was under the impression that his neighbour had as many as seven dogs in his yard. 

She said the sound of the dogs barking and growling prevented her household from getting a restful sleep at night.

“It is difficult to doze off again after this, especially when the canines fight,” she said.

“We have spent too many nights being awoken by our sleep in this manner.”

She said the dogs barked on and off even throughout the day.

The constant barking at odd times of the night and even during the day is a source of frustration to the neighbours.

“It is especially trying on those nursing or looking after babies, as these young ones start crying because of the noise.

“Some of my neighbours are ill and infirm. They complain that it is difficult to take a nap during the day.”

Harriet said some of her neighbours had had spoken to the dog-owner about this nuisance, but the situation had yet to improve.

“I was made to understand that Kota Kinabalu rate-payers are not allowed to keep more than two dogs in their compounds at any one time.

“If this is so, I don’t know how my neighbour can be getting away with looking after so many canines.”

She wanted to know whether City Hall had issued licences for all these pets.

Meanwhile, the agency is monitoring the goings-on along in one part of Likas, following a complaint about the presence of dogs on some housing roads there.

The spokeswoman said the ACU went to the area shortly after being alerted to this problem.

“The roads here will be kept under surveillance for a time to determine if the canine-nuisance is true,” she said.

“Should this prove to be the case, our personnel will set about trying to catch these dogs.” 

The spokeswoman reminded dog-owners not to allow their pets to roam about unsupervised on stretches in these neighbourhoods. 

“If need be, flyers will be placed in the post boxes of homes here, asking rate-payers to ensure that their pets were licensed and kept within their compound,” he said.

She said City Hall workers would not hesitate to catch any dogs found wandering by themselves on housing roads and other public areas.

“The owner will have to settle a compound before his pets can be surrendered to him.”

The spokesman said the rate-payer could be penalised between RM100 and RM500 under the agency’s by law. 

THOMAS, who lives in Taman Setia, said several strays had been seen roaming about on Lorong Burung Kiking for the past month.

“They seem like wild dogs. The pack can be quite territorial and aggressive,” he said.

Thomas said some of the canines had the penchant of chasing passing vehicles and those going on foot.

“My son was almost bitten on one or two occasions while cycling to his primary school, off Jalan Margastua nearby, in the morning,” he said.

“I hope the local authority will intervene before an innocent gets hurt or worse by these dogs,” he said.


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