Sabasco set for the world’s dining tables
Published on: Saturday, May 29, 2021
By: David Thien
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Kota Kinabalu: If Sarawak can achieve global culinary fame for its pepper, so too can Sabah and a successful Sabahan entrepreneur believes he has what it takes – the humble chilli.

 Not chilli grown anywhere but in Kunak on the State’s east coast because of its rich volcanic soil and the Bulbul bird.

 Lawyer-entrepreneur Datuk Joseph Ambrose Lee believes the world’s taste buds would soon be craving for his gourmet chilli sauce called Sabasco.  

He said it took five years of research, development and efforts to perfect the Sabasco recipe. It is tangy, sweet, spicy and the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

 Deputy Chief Minister-cum-State Agriculture and Fisheries Minister Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan launched the sauce online Friday.

 He congratulated Borneo Oil Berhad and Sugarbun Group under the leadership of  Ambrose for the global marketing positioning of Sabah’s Momporok chilli from Kunak.

 “Ini kali-lah!” Dr Jeffrey exhorted at the virtual launch to promote Sabah’s agricultural produce to make an impression to the world, in line with the Sabah Government’s Sabah Maju Jaya Strategic Development Plan.

 “Momporok is a Dusun word for the chilli from seeds that were dispersed from the digestion system of the Bulbul birds renowned around Kunak where the fertile volcanic soil ensures that the chilli plants there thrive well.” 

 Ambrose said Sabasco stands for Sabah Chilli Company. The Sabasco Hot Sauce product is available in two flavours – original and spicy, available for sale online (www.sabasco.com) and at every Sugarbun Restaurant, Pezzo Pizza outlet, Borneo Asian Food Outlet and other selected outlets.


 With ample time for the chilli to ripen, the concentrated tiny red chilli fruits are harvested and processed to ensure freshness and quality.

 “Our company has more than 40 years of history of quality food processing. We are committed to bringing the iconic tastes of Borneo to the world. This Sabasco chilli sauce will awaken every area of your tastebuds,” said Ambrose, who is not new to promoting Sabah products to the world stage.

 Not many know that another of Ambrose’s products from the east coast – Borneo marble – now adorn the interiors of Trump Tower in New York City as well as Ritz Carlton hotels. 

 The billionaire fell in love with the marble before he became the US President, which speaks volumes of Ambrose’s business acumen.


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