Manggatal playground facilities in bad shape
Published on: Friday, July 16, 2021
By: Oliver Voon
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Many of the swing seats are either missing or unusable in this playground.
A RESIDENT of Taman Richdar in Manggatal is urging the City Hall to replace the damaged amenities inside the children’s playground in that housing estate soon as possible.

“Many of the parents here are reluctant to allow their children to use the facilities considering that most of them are either damaged or severely rusty,” stressed ERNEST, the resident, whose house is situated a stone’s throw away from the common area concerned.

He said the state of the equipment appears to be deteriorating as these facilities are so run down that most of the paint on them has peeled away.

“The plastic for some of the equipment is chipped and youngsters can easily injure themselves on the sharp edges while using these structures.”

He hoped the relevant authority would take the potential hazards posed by these facilities seriously.

“One of them is the swing as most of their wooden seats have broken,” he told Hotline not too long ago.

A close-up view of one of the damaged swings in that area.

He however blamed the damage on hooligans who have abused the facilities by standing on the seats while swinging.

“These youngsters shouldn’t do that because their body weight will cause premature damage to the wooden seats.

“They were also seen jumping on the seats while swinging,” he said, who believe the latter came from the neighbouring villages.

He said the playground which is equipped with a vast open space and a basketball court, has attracted many outsiders due its spacious surroundings.

“They played football and even indulged in basketball until the evening as most of the times the area is well lit,” he added.

He also pointed out that even the “rings” are missing from the wooden backboards in the basketball court.

Even the ring for this backboard for the basketball court has already gone.

 “I think the rings came off because the backboards have severely decayed,” he said, who urge the caretaker to consider setting up a much durable material next time. 

A City Hall spokeswoman, when contacted recently, hoped that the residents there would inform its office directly of any irregularities involving the playground so that action could be taken to deal with these problems as soon as possible. 

“Maintenance is carried out on a case by case basis given the hundreds of playgrounds under our care.

“Our officers cannot be everywhere at once to check on the condition of each and every playground, as the City covers an extensive area,” she added.

She assured that the matter would be dealt with after its officers have assessed the damage in that playground. 

The outcome would be submitted to Hotline later. 


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