Virus is spreading easily
Published on: Wednesday, August 04, 2021
By: Hayati Dzulkifli
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Kota Kinabalu: There is an increasing percentage of sporadic cases with cause of infection unknown in Sabah – a sign that the Covid-19 virus is already in the community and spreading easily.

Sabah’s Covid-19 official spokesperson Datuk Seri Masidi Manjun (pic) said the symptomatic screening category is a sporadic infection which is on the rise with 224 cases or 22.18 per cent, out of 1,010 new Covid-19 cases recorded on Tuesday (Aug. 3).

He said this is so although the main contributor of the new cases came from Close Contact Screening (527 or 52.18pc), followed by cluster screenings (146 or 14.46pc) and 84 cases under targeted screenings or 8.32pc and others screening for 29 cases or 2.87pc.

Hence, he said it is highly recommended that people adhere to all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) wherever they are so that they are not exposed to infections, let alone those who have not yet obtained the vaccine.

“A total of 85.45pc of 1,010 cases on Tuesday were in Category 1 and Category 2. A total of 336 cases under Category 1 were those who do not experience any symptoms and 527 cases under Category 2 were those only having mild symptoms. 

“Both categories do not need to be hospitalised. They are simply placed in the Public Quarantine and Low Risk Treatment Centre (PKRC),” he said.

 Masidi said all districts in Sabah recorded a change in the number of cases which continued to increase.

“The daily number of positive cases remained high at 1,010 contributing to the cumulative total of 87,899 cases, with a decrease of 156 cases compared to 1,166 cases recorded on Monday (Aug 2, 2021).

“Kota Kinabalu still topped the list with 183 cases, followed by Sandakan (102), Kinabatangan (92) with (67) cases from Pauh Cluster, Tawau (90) cases, Tuaran (79) cases, Penampang (68) case, Keningau (53) cases, Sipitang (53) cases, Papar (45) cases, Putatan (31) cases, Tongod (27) cases, Kunak (24) cases, Kota Marudu (24) cases, Kuala Penyu (20) cases and Beaufort (19) cases. 

“Tambunan and Ranau did not record new cases on Tuesday,” he said.

Masidi said 12 deaths were reported Tuesday – four in Kota Kinabalu, while three each in Sandakan and Tawau and one each in Tuaran and Putatan.

“A total of 13 districts in Sabah are showing a rise in its number of new cases compared to cases recorded on Monday with Kinabatangan topping the list with an increase of 78 cases, followed by Sandakan with a surge of 41, Sipitang with 32 cases, Tongod (an increase of 23 cases), Kota Marudu (+16 cases), Kudat (+13 cases), Putatan (+11 cases), Kuala Penyu (+six cases), Semporna (+five cases), Kalabakan (+five cases), Lahad Datu (+four cases), Nabawan (+two cases) and Pitas (+one case).

“Twelve districts recorded a drop in cases on Tuesday whereby Beaufort recorded the highest decrease at 65 cases followed by Penampang (55) Kota Kinabalu a drop of 51 cases, Kunak (-44 cases), Ranau (-40 cases), Papar (-28 cases), Tenom (-28 cases), Telupid (-24 cases), Kota Belud (-18 cases), Tawau (-16 cases), Beluran (-eight cases) and Keningau (-six cases),” he said.

Out of the 1,010 cases, Masidi said 472 persons had not received vaccination while 282 not eligible to be vaccinated, 125 persons received first dose and 130 persons received second dose vaccines.

As for age, he said 656 persons were between 18 and 59, followed by 186 between six and 17, 84 children between one and five, 72 persons are aged above 60 and 12 persons below 12.

 Of the 1,010 cases, he said 848 cases are Malaysians and the remaining 162 foreigners.

Most of the 1,010 new Covid-19 cases were from 999 locals, nine cases were detainees/prison inmates and two were infected outside Sabah whom are one from Kuala Lumpur and one Sarawakian.

Masidi said there is one new cluster reported in Kuala Penyu called as Sangkabok Cluster (Community Cluster) with a record of four cases on Tuesday.

He said 146 cases came from clusters including Pauh Cluster in Kinabatangan which recorded 67 cases, Jalan Corak Cluster in Tongod with 21 cases and Tinabau Cluster also in Kinabatangan with 13 cases. 

“Sangkabok Cluster - Kuala Penyu is a community type cluster and spread in Kg Sangkabok and Kg Tg Aru in Kuala Penyu District.

“The cluster was detected when the index case, a housewife, 62, was confirmed positive for RTK-Ag as a result of symptomatic screening at a private clinic on July 16, 2021.

“Based on the information, the index case has a history of traveling to Beaufort for medical treatment. The screening of close contacts and social contacts to date, recorded a cumulative total of 33 cases including four new cases,” he said.

 Some 163 localities recorded on Tuesday compared to 172 localities recorded on Monday (Aug 2, 2021) are placed under Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO) with Kota Kinabalu topping the list with 35, followed by Tawau with 17, Penampang with 15 localities, Keningau (14 localities), Tuaran (13), Beaufort (12), Sandakan (12), Sipitang (10), Kudat (seven), Papar (five), Kinabatangan (four), three localities each in Kota Belud, Putatan and Ranau, two localities each in Telupid and Tenom, one locality each in Beluran, Kota Marudu, Kuala Penyu, Kunak, Lahad Datu and Tongod.

As for new localities placed under EMCO, he said four new localities will be placed under EMCO starting Aug 5 until Aug 18, 2021 namely Penampang Baru in Penampang, Kg Banjar in Keningau, Kem 3 Sibulu in Tenom, and Depot Tahanan Imigresen in Tawau.

“After scrutinising presentations of Health Ministry based on current situation, the government has agreed to end four localities in Pulau Gaya placed under EMCO namely Kg Pondo, Kg Kasuapan, Kg Lok Urai and Kg Pulau Gaya that ended today (Aug 4, 2021) as scheduled.

“Four localities in Kota Kinabalu under EMCO namely Kilang Papan Lusera Telipok, Kg Mogiding Malawa and workers quarters of Progressive Perwira, Kg Sinulihan and University Utama Kondominium Fasa 2 and Kg Guruh-Guruh in Sipitang ended today (Aug 4, 2021) as scheduled.

“In addition, two localities in Sandakan – Kg Air and Kg Bokara and Kg Sri Menanti in Tawau under EMCO also ended today (Aug 4, 2021) as scheduled,” he said.

To date, Masidi said no new injections under Phase 1 Dose 1 of the National COVID-19 Immunization Program (PICK) making the cumulative total remain at 67,164 people.

As for Phase 1 Dose 2, he said also no new injections on Tuesday making the cumulative total remain at 58,575 people.

Meanwhile, he said 34,669 new injections were recorded for Phase 2 of Dose 1 PICK contributing to the cumulative total of 861,271 people.

For Dose 2 Phase 2, he said 6,895 new injections were issued on daily bases making a cumulative total of 349,343 people.

The number of vaccine recipients registered on Tuesday was 12,891 contributing to the cumulative number registered of 1,209,283 (Mysejahtera 1,125,233, website 83,788, vaccination line 262) equivalent to 43.8%.

On issuance of compounds, Masidi said a total of 34 compounds were issued on Tuesday for breach of SOPs comprising 10 cases for those failing to wear face masks, nine people failed to comply with physical distancing, seven failed to register when patronising premises, six cases failed to comply with directives under Movement Control Order, and two cases found leaving EMCO localities.

He said a total of 699 COVID-19 patients were discharged from hospital / cured on Tuesday contributed to a cumulative total of 78,792 people. 

He said a total of 4,474 patients are receiving treatment, namely 947 people in hospitals, 3,471 people in the Public Quarantine and Low Risk Treatment Center (PKRC), 48 people in Temporary Detention Centers (PTS) / Prisons while eight people in private facilities. 

He added the number of patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is 115 people and another 43 people need ventilated breathing aids.



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