Abandoned durian stalls an eyesore in Ranau
Published on: Monday, September 27, 2021
By: Clarence Dol
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The abandoned durian stalls by the roadside which are a common eyesore during off-season.
RANAU: Durian sellers who are unable to carry on with their businesses by the roadside are urged to ensure their stalls are in acceptable condition, in order to prevent the structures from becoming an eyesore.

Alvin R, a complainant, said the action of the fruit traders who simply abandoned the frames of the stall tents in such a manner is deplorable.

“This location is situated by the road about several kilometres before reaching Ranau Town from Kundasang. This is also the main route for visitors to our district, which is one of the main tourism destinations in the country.

“The iron frame at the location affects the view because every road user will see the location when passing there. It is recommended that the local authority take action to completely remove the iron frames to clean the area,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ranau District Council (MDR) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jupirin Hj Ruhimin, said in the past, the Council wanted to clean and remove all the tents, but the traders urged them not to do so.

“However, given the current Covid-19 pandemic in Ranau, the fruit sellers are unable to sell, and as we can see now, the tents are left there under the elements, resulting in them being so unpleasant to the eyes.

“Towards that end, MDR will clear the area and if the sale of durians will resume in the future, the sellers will be reconsidered for temporary use of the site,” he said.

Jupirin said the MDR, through the Environmental Health and Urban Services Division, will monitor the area from time to time.


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