Regenerative agri: Towards smart, sustainable farming
Published on: Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Regenerative agri: Towards smart, sustainable farming
Kota Kinabalu: Verde Resources Inc. (OTCQB: VRDR) of the United States, has introduced two innovative “Regenerative Agriculture” products for smart and sustainable farming which promises to increase yields, healthier crop growth, and carbon sequestration to help mitigate climate change. 

The two products are the Verde Enriched BioChar and Verde Wood Vinegar.

Verde President Balakrishnan Muthu said the Verde Enriched BioChar is a resourceful soil amendment that improves soil pH, reduces erosion, improves water retention, provides a host for microbial activity and improves crop size. 

“It improves soil pH and structure, reduce erosion, improve water retention, host microbial activity, and, most importantly, has the ability to sequester large amounts of carbon,” he said in a statement, Friday. 

The Verde Wood Vinegar, meanwhile, is a breakthrough organic pesticide and fertiliser that also improves soil quality, which helps eliminate pests and assists in healthy growth of plants and crops. 

“The Verde Enriched BioChar and Verde Wood Vinegar, when combined, revitalises soil for increased productivity, better biological activity, and provides moisture and nutrient retention. 

“They also enhance soil resulting in carbon sequestration, microbial biomass and provides a conducive environment for mycorrhizae. It’s a much more organic and economical way to improve cropland while reducing dependency on agriculture chemicals,” he said. 

Both innovative products were created through Verde’s proprietary breakthrough BioFraction technology that involves an advanced proprietary, modified catalytic vacuum pyrolysis, and temperature controlled thermochemical process.

Balakrishnan said the technology converts palm waste into the renewable by-products of biochar, bio-oil, bio-syngas and wood vinegar. 

“Through our innovative BioFraction technology, we will be realising a sustainable growth business model focusing on the three main pillars of economic, environmental and social benefits. These benefits, in turn, would revolve around people, planet and profits. 

“The Verde Group has long-term growth plans of converting palm oil waste to renewable resources, particularly biochar and wood vinegar, while tackling the global climate agenda and ensuring long term food security through sustainable farming,” said. 

Both products are being marketed through Verde’s newly-incorporated subsidiary Global Renewables Sdn Bhd. 

They are available through Shopee and Lazada, which can be found on www.shopee.com.my/globalrenewables and www.lazada.com.my/shop/global-renewables-sdn-bhd.

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