'This is Dubaian pricing!': Woman angry after Sabah restaurant charged her RM20 for two bowls of instant noodles
Published on: Friday, May 13, 2022
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This restaurant bill charges RM20 for two bowl of instant noodles with eggs. (Photo: Facebook/Racheal Marshanda)
Kota Kinabalu: A woman angrily took to social media after she was charged RM20 for two bowls of instant noodles by a Sabah restaurant recently. 

Racheal Marshanda posted on Facebook a snap of the bill that states she had to pay RM2.50 for a cup of hot black coffee, RM5.50 for a cup of "Neslo" or Nescafe-Milo and RM20 for the Maggi noodles with eggs.

Usually, a bowl of instant noodles is around RM5.00 in Sabah, which is half what Rachel was charged, according to WeirdKaya. 

The post attracted hundreds of reactions and thousands of unhappy comments.

“This isn’t Israeli pricing but Dubaian," says one comment according to the social news site. 

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