MACC seizes condo, luxury auto
Published on: Monday, May 16, 2022
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Tahir and Christine
Kota Kinabalu: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has seized assets amounting to over RM1 million comprising a condominium and a luxury vehicle, as well as cash, all believed obtained from ill-gotten gains that were transferred by former Sabah Water Department Director Ag Mohd Tahir Mohd Talib to a 37-year-old female “close friend”.

They are believed to be proceeds from the RM62 million in the ongoing biggest Sabah corruption scandal. 

Daily Express reliably learnt that MACC proceeded with the action last week after a witness, Christine Fiona Ponsoi, testified at the Sabah Corruption Court that she acquired these assets between 2003 and 2016 from monies given by him. 

The three-bedroom condominium in Puncak Luyang Condominium was worth RM530,000 when it was bought in 2014. The Toyota Lexus NX200 was given to her in 2015 and is worth at least RM300,000. It was bought under her name by Ag Mohd Tahir. 

The UMS banking finance graduate was at that time a Business Development Officer for a government agency earning RM2,500 per month.

She applied for a RM250,000 bank loan for the house with Ag Mohd Tahir extending to her the remaining RM280,000 in cash.

She also recalled receiving RM300,000 for renovations. She was given the money in an envelope and instructed by Ag Mohd Tahir to pay the bank.

Between 2014 and 2016, she was also handed between RM2,000 and RM10,000 for house management fees and monthly house instalments.

The MACC also seized 140 pieces of RM100 notes in a purple plastic bag inside a black backpack at her condominium, totalling RM14,000 in cash.

The trial implicated Awang Mohd Tahir, his wife Fauziah binti Piut, Lee Lam Beng and Teo Chee Kong. Teo has since returned RM30m out of RM33m to MACC which saw the charges being dropped. He also got to keep land titles worth several million ringgit.

The settlement came under severe public criticism, including in social media. 

Many felt it was unfair that those charged with corruption involving millions were allowed to strike deals and get away while a jobless single dad caught stealing Milo for his hungry children was sent to jail. 

They were also surprised that the case is only now being heard although it happened five years ago during a different government and among evidence tendered in court have been purchases of several luxury vehicles in cash, besides cash amounting to some RM14 million that was found stuffed in one of the cars.

It is believed that the four could not have acted alone but with the knowledge and/or connivance of several high profile individuals who stand to be exposed during the trial.

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