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Surrendered Abu Sayyaf militant wanted by Esscom; four other wanted Filipinos designated as terrorists by Philippines
Published on: Monday, June 20, 2022
By: Zam Yusa
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Surrendered Abu Sayyaf militant wanted by Esscom; four other wanted Filipinos designated as terrorists by Philippines
The two Abu Sayyaf militants, including one wanted by Esscom, are briefly presented in a news conference in an army camp in Jolo and later turned over to police. (Photo: Facebook/Alakdan Division)
Kota Kinabalu: One of two highly sought Abu Sayyaf militants who recently surrendered to the Philippine military is wanted by the Eastern Sabah Security Command, with four of the 20 men on the agency’s wanted list recently designated as terrorists by the Philippines.

The Philippine military presented during a press conference Friday Almujer Yadah and Bensito Quitino, who had given themselves up in Jolo, Sulu, southern Philippines and surrendered their assault rifles.

The two were accused of beheading two Canadians and a German who was kidnapped while sailing off Sabah.

One of the 20 Filipinos on the Eastern Sabah Security Command (Esscom)’s latest wanted list is named “Al Munjir Yadah”, a slightly, differently spelt name.

“Both names belong to the same person. They’re spelt slightly differently, but they're the same person,” Esscom commander DCP Hamzah Ahmad told Daily Express.

“We will try to get any intel we can from our Philippine counterpart.”

Hamzah was speaking when the paper contacted him to confirm whether the two names were the same.

Esscom first released its latest wanted list in January of this year.

The 20 Filipino men on the wanted list are: Madjid Said @ Ammah Patit, Mudzrimar @ Mundi Sawadjaan, Ahadin Hussein, Ellam Sajirin @ Nasirin, Ismurah Jirah, Salip Mura, Al Munjir Yadah, Ben Tatoh Quirino, Basaron Arok, Mujimar Sawadjaan @ Rasad, Marajan @ Manajan Asiri, Jul Aksan Abdurajan @ Halimaw, Jul @ Jun Hasan, Barak Undog @ Alvin, Hamsan Pakkan @ Black Cobra, Sabri Madrasul @ Salip Jul, Hadji Wahad @ Talip, Tampi @ Bunju, Haibin Mubin @ Apo Kuhambo and Sangbas Parisko.

On June 15, four of the Filipinos on Esscom’s wanted list were announced as designated terrorists by the Philippine Anti-Terrorism Council (ATC) along with six high-ranking communist leaders.

The ATC listed Basaron, Ellam, Majdid and Salip as terrorists and sub-leaders of the Abu Sayyaf Group affifliated with Daulah Islamiyah or DI, the name given in the Philippines to the Islamic State group.

The ATC also listed Basaron’s aliases, namely Basarun Aruk, Abdulbasser, Abdulkadil, Arkam, Bas and Bossing.

Madjid’s aliases are Padin Padul, Pading and Amah Sah.

Meanwhile, Salip was listed as Mura Asgali Kayawan, his real name, who also has the aliases Salip Mura Asgali and Maas.

A fifth DI-affiliated Abu Sayyaf sub-leader, Tawakkal Bayali / Tawakal Bayali / Tawakkal Abugaw Bayali / Tawwakal Bayali a.k.a. Abu Tawakkal / Jaber; was also designated by the ATC as a terrorist.

The designated terrorists’ financial assets and properties can be investigated and frozen, said the ATC, citing its May 25 resolution.

The 20 Filipinos on the Esscom list are wanted for alleged "connection with the Abu Sayyaf group, kidnapping-for-ransom groups and other transnational crimes", the Malaysian security agency said while reissuing the list on Facebook on June 12.

The re-release included high-resolution mugshots of the 20 Filipinos, higher that those issued in January, likely to better help members of the public identify the criminals.

Universiti Malaysia Sabah’s security analyst Dr Ramli Dollah said the kidnapping issue will not be resolved as long as the activity generates income to ransom-kidnapping groups especially when a huge sum is involved.

“Actors change but the process remains unless there is a mechanism to control the groups. Cases increase and decline depending on factors such as the government's policies and other factors in Malaysia and the Philippines,” he told Daily Express.

“The easiest way is to stop ransom payments. Unfortunately, although government policies are clear on ransoms, families (of kidnap victims) still pay. This is a huge challenge.”

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