Jailed for using another’s MyKad
Published on: Wednesday, September 21, 2022
By: Jo Ann Mool
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Jailed for using another’s MyKad
Kota Kinabalu: A 41-year-old Indonesian woman was jailed 26 months, Tuesday, for using another’s MyKad as her own.

Dorisna Dullah pleaded guilty before Magistrate Lovely Natasha Charles to having one Harfika Sari Hamka’s MyKad at 11.30am on Sept 13 this year at the Investigation and Enforcement Division of the National Registration Department (NRD) here.

NRD prosecuting officer Mohd Naser Mohd Nadzeri informed the court that Dorisna used  Harfika’s MyKad as her travel document from Tawau to the city to resolve matters at NRD regarding her child’s birth certificate.

A check on both of Dorisna’s thumbprints revealed that they did not refer to any ID card records at the NRD, said Mohd Naser.

The charge, under Section 25(1)(o) of the National Registration Regulation 1990 (Amended 2007), provides for a jail term of up to three years or fine on conviction.

Dorisna, who was not represented, requested leniency by saying that she has four children, unemployed and needed to look after her family.

Mohd Naser applied a deterrent sentence as a lesson to Dorisna and to the public at large.

Mohd Naser submitted that having someone else’s identity card as an identity document is an offence that needs to be taken seriously.

According to him Dorisna only has a photocopy of an expired Indonesian passport.

Dorisna claimed to have found the MyKad in Tawau and had used it to come to Kota Kinabalu without being detained by the authorities even though she did not know the owner of the said ID card, said Mohd Naser, adding that he was sure that Dorisna would continue to use the said MyKad in the future.

Mohd Naser informed the court that there were also complaints received by the NRD regarding identity cards that had been registered as dead even though the owner of the identity card was still alive.

“A further review found that the identity card of the actual owner had been lost and had been used by impersonators, especially illegal immigrants, as an identity document.

“When the impersonator dies, the death will be registered based on the identity card owned by the impersonator and had caused all the daily affairs of the real owner of the identity card to be disrupted to the extent that the money in the bank is also frozen.

“There are many more negative implications that the real owner will face, including if the impersonator commits a crime, the criminal record will be recorded in the police record even though the person who committed the crime is not the real owner but the impersonator.

“Therefore, we apply for severe punishment to the accused because her offence of having an identification card that does not belong to her could have various negative implications for the real owner of the identification card and is a serious offence, said Mohd Naser.

The court ordered Dorisna to serve the sentence from the date of her arrest and to be referred to the Immigration Department thereafter.

In another case, a man was jailed 12 months for having five bottles (7,500ml) of psychotropic fluid – Mytragynine.

Rafe Suman admitted to having Mitragynine, a drug type found in Ketum leaves at 11.50am on Sept 26, 2021 at the arrival hall of the Kota Kinabalu International Airport.

He had committed an offence under Section 30(3) of the Poison Act 1952 which provides for a fine of up to RM10,000 or a jail term of up to four years’ jail, or both, on conviction.

Customs prosecuting officer Nicholas Marcus informed the court that Rafe, who was just disembarked from a Kuala Lumpur flight was detained by a Customs team  after  five bottles each  sized at 1.5 litre believed to contain ketum found in his baggage.

A report from the Chemist Department on Oct 11, 2021 confirmed that the five bottles contained Mitragynine (7,500ml).

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