Palm oil’s non-GMO factor a bonus - To convince European markets
Published on: Wednesday, November 02, 2022
By: David Thien
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Palm oil’s non-GMO factor a bonus - To convince European markets
David whose grandfather founded Ista Mielke GmbH in 1958 (Ista stands for International Statistical Agricultural Information which is touted as independent, not involved in trading, providing unbiased information) wants the oil palm industry to increase their acreage and productivity as Europe and the world need more palm oil in future.
Kota Kinabalu: Sabah which produces some 23 per cent of Malaysia’s palm oil with its sustainable jurisdictional certification linked to the RSPO and MSPO standard has a bright future as global demand for edible oil grows, and high energy prices promotes palm oil blending for biodiesel.

Europe remains a bastion of anti-American-led companies championing GMO (genetically modified organisms whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques) food products, although the continent is trying to phase out internal combustion vehicle engines.

As palm oil is free of genetic modification, this fact should be promoted to sell palm oil particularly to the European Union market.



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